Moose In The Front Yard-Anchorage Alaska

Moose in the Front Yard-Anchorage Alaska
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Anchorage Alaska Family and Get Away Vacations!

Many probably would never have given Alaska a second thought before the 2008 Presidential campaign when Republican candidate for Vice President, Sarah Palin and her family from Alaska entered the scene.  Truth is, Alaska is a very majestic place filled with serene beauty, unique wildlife and indigenous culture.

Anchorage is a unique, rugged and amazingly beautifully city located in the south central part in U.S state of Alaska particularly between the base of the Chugach mountain range and Cook Inlet. It is a year-round destination wherein you could have once-in-a-lifetime experiences. You could walk across the icy glaciers, hike to mountain vista, fish for king salmon or many of Alaska's unique fish species, fly out to Mount McKinley and much, much more. Adventurous souls will definitely enjoy this one-stop-vacation-hot spot. When visiting Alaska for that family vacation, honeymoon or just relaxing getaway, there are a few spots that are a must-see.  Spots that you shouldn't leave Anchorage without experiencing!

Alaska Botanical Garden

The Alaska Botanical Garden is located in the east part of the city. It has many unforgettable attractions including an 110 acre garden that would definitely delight visitors, inspires  garden lovers and educate children and adults about hundreds of different plant species. It connects three perennial gardens: the Rock garden, the Formal herb garden and the forested areas where you can find native wildflowers. If you want to catch their annual garden fair, the best time to go is in June. 

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Alaska Botanical Gardens

Alaska Zoo

Since Anchorage is vastly urbanized wilderness, humans are not the only city’s inhabitants. The list of  inhabitants you will find in Anchorage include bears, moose, elk, wolf packs and much more. Visiting the Alaska Zoo enables you to see all of these beautiful creatures.  The zoo also cares for injured and abandoned animals. You could bring home a photograph of Alaska’s wildlife including the white polar bears, brown and black bears, wolves, moose, raptors and caribou, the oxen, porcupines and even the exotic species of Amur tigers, snow leopards, Bactrian camels and the Tibetan yaks.  You can also get a wealth of information about the natural history as well as the conservation of the natural resources. The Alaska Zoo is a definite must see!

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Anchorage Coastal Wildlife Refuge

If you are a bird lover then you should not let Anchorage Coastal Wildlife Refuge pass on your list of must see places in Anchorage Alaska. Anchorage Coastal Wildlife Refuge is a 16 miles refuge that has more than 130 species of birds. It passes along the coastline but the most popular spot is the Potter Marsh, wherein the boardwalks take the visitors into the heart of the wetland for easy-access bird-watching. Arctic terns, Canada geese, trumpeter swans, grebes, bald eagles, owls, gulls and other waterfowl are some of the birds that you will find on your bird watching adventure.

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Chugach State Park

You simply cannot leave Anchorage Alaska without visiting the Chugach State Park, it is a 500,000 acre state park that doubles as Anchorage’s backyard playground. It is great for hiking, mountain biking, camping, animal viewing and even a little fishing. Adventure seekers beware!  There is much fun and excitement to be had here. It offers a 360 degree view of the city, the Cook Inlet and the Chugach mountains. An absolute must see!


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Tony Knowles Coastal Trail

Do you want to see Anchorage in a different way? If your answer is yes, then make room on your itinerary for the  Tony Knowles Coastal Trail. It stretches for more than eleven miles and passes through both natural and urban areas. The entire trail follows Anchorage’s shoreline and it provides a magnificent view of the whole city as well as the surrounding natural resources. You could walk, run, go cycling or rollerblading, and even simply go bike riding on this scenic and adventurous trail. During the cold months, the trail is more popular place to pursuit cross country skiing.

Alaska Heritage Center

If you want to learn more Anchorage Alaska's indigenous population, there is no better place for you than the Alaska Heritage Center. You could roam around the different indigenous villages present to you on display and you could also participate in different cultural events like dancing, craft creation and fishing. Fun facts about Alaska for both young and adults can be learned at the Alaska Heritage Center museum.


Native Alaskan Figurine At The Alaska Heritage CenterCredit:

Native Alaskan Figurine From The Heritage Center

Fort Richardson Hatchery

If fishing is your thing, the the Fort Richardson Fish Hatchery may just be the perfect stop for you on your great Anchorage Alaskan vacation.  The Fort Richardson Hatchery has five different fish species in a variety of sizes and life stages in both indoor and outdoor tanks. There are Silver Salmon, King Salmon, Rainbow Trout, Arctic grayling, crab varieties and Arctic char. A fish lover's dream Alaskan fishing vacation.

Imaginarium (Anchorage Science Museum)

One of Anchorage’s top attractions is the popular Imaginarium. It has plenty of hands on exhibits, and the actual opportunity to handle live marine animals. This is simply one of the best science centers in the nation which gives children a new and different way of looking at learning about science and nature.  One of the most unique aspects of the Imaginarium is that it is encapsulated  inside a big bubble and Toyland.  The design alone is enough to have your kids buzzing about it for months to come.  Inside, the  children learn more about science while having fun with various activities such as dominoes, cranes, buildings and bridges.

Far North Bicentennial Park Or The Hillside Park

The Far North Bicentennial Park or the Hillside Park has more than 4,000 acres of rolling, forested hills. This place is perfect for hiking or mountain biking. The Campbell creek flows through the Bicentennial Park and from the Spencer Loop trail, you could see an outstanding view of the Mount McKinley. But wait, wildlife encounters are possible; so be bear-aware during summer season especially when salmon is in the creek. Aside from that, Far North Bicentennial Park also offers the Hilltop Ski Area. It is open for both snowboarding and skiing and serves the skiers and snowboarders all level of expertise. It is located adjacent to the Karl Eid Ski Jump Complex which features lighted ski jumps of different lengths. Again, as an added caution, tourists must use caution when visiting this location, due to reports of bear and other animal maulings.

Hilltop Ski Area in Far North Bicentennial ParkCredit: wikipedia

Hilltop Ski Area in Far North Bicentennial Park

Dog Sled Tours

Last but certainly not leasts, if you are visiting Anchorage Alaska, you absolutely must experience a dog sled tour. Dog sledding and Alaska are practically interchangeable. So you just can't leave Alaska without experiencing it.   Many visitors have claimed that the sled dog ride is the highlight of their stay in Alaska. You can enjoy this unique "only in Alaska"  tour and attraction even during summer. 


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Let's face it, visiting Anchorage Alaska may not be something you do every year but it is something that many would like to experience at least once in their lifetime.  It's combination of rich culture and heritage, wildlife, inexplicable and breath-taking scenery, and yet very simple day to day way of living, makes it one of the best places in America to take the whole family on a much needed vacation.  Really, the Bahamas can wait.  Go see Anchorage Alaska, plan your trip well, get everything you need and enjoy your stay.  There is something there for everyone.  Makes sure you visit the local chamber of commerce website in addition to speaking with a knowledgeable travel planning agent about tourism do's and don't while you are planning your great Alaskan Adventure.