Australia is one of the most interesting places in the world. It comprises a lot of historical places that serve as tourist spots nowadays. Were you aiming for a world tour? Place Australia on your list and you will find no regrets. Let’s begin.

The country were divided to eight states namely Australian Capital Territory, New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland, South Australia, Western Australia, Tasmania and Northern Territory. These states’ capital cities were: Adelaide, Hobart, Brisbane, Melbourne, Canberra, Pert, Darwin and Sydney. Each of these cities has its own beauty in undeniable perfection.

In Australian Capital Territory, forests were at leash. If you were looking for your unusual forest adventure (out of the modern city buildings you used to) this, is the place to go. Its capital, Canberra, is one of the travel destinations that are known by its historic townships, natural wonders, famous Snowy Mountains and beautiful coastlines. You can also visit their National Museum and deal with the Australian history. It is a perfect place for relaxation, bush walking, skiing and cycling because of the beautiful nature and green land surrounding it. Another must-see place is the Gold Creek near Canberra, and the National Dinosaur Museum which contains historical skeletons and fossils.

Our next state is the New South Wales. It owns the most number of people in Australia and is known as the most popular state because Sydney, were located here. There are several travel destinations within but the Blue Mountains were the most talked-about landscape. The mountains show spectacular scenery, plant life and wildlife. It is called Blue Mountains because of the blue haze that hovered above the mountains produced by the oil from several trees of Eucalyptus. These mountains were harbored by early settlers who believed that China was on the other side of it. You can do great activities like rock climbing, canoeing and abseiling. Another deal is the Broken Hill. If you love arts and painting, this place suites you. It is indeed popular for a lot of artists because they offer number of art galleries where you can see great paintings up-close and personal. The Broken Hill City Art Gallery is well-known for that. It is called the mining town known as the “Silver City” because you can still literally mine for silver, lead and zinc up to this day. And who wouldn’t know the Sydney Opera House? Visiting Sydney will never be the same without you taking picture with the Opera house in the background. This is somewhat an unspoken habit for a lot.

Now we have, Victoria. It is the smallest mainland state but it hosts some of the wonderful landscapes in the country. Spending the day fishing is brilliant at the Apollo Bay. Besides fishing, you can also go hang-gliding, horse gliding or go wandering on the beach. It also offers scenic boat cruise that gives you spectacular views from Mariner’s Lookout. Another place you don’t dare want to miss is the Mt. Buffalo where you can see the high Mountain Buffalo with sweet waterfalls and rocky panorama which offer the longing for a great escapade. The National Park on Mt. Buffalo is well-liked all year around with activities of hang gliding and rock-climbing. It is also a home for variety of birds and wildlife. Skiing is popular during the winter specifically to the places of Cresta Valley and Dingo Dell.

Next in the list is the state of Queensland referred as the ‘Holiday State’. Queensland gives us a good ambiance for diving and sailing at the Airlie Beach. It is trendy among the tourists especially to those who long to have a summer vacation. Airlie Beach has eye-catching parklands and two stunning marinas namely Abel Point Marina and Shute Harbour. The place was lined with trees, perfect for your one-of-a-kind getaway trip. Activities on Airlie Beach include horse riding, sky diving and walking around the Conway National Park that digs you in another forest haunt. The state is dominant for having numerous beaches like Alexandra Headland, Broad Beach, Mission Beach, etc.

Let’s all welcome, South Australia. The state is unique because here you’ll find huge semi-desert areas and it is considered the least urbanized state among all. The Mount Gambier is a large town built on the extinct volcano (Mt. Gambier). It also has the most popular lake, the Blue Lake. Most often, this lake is in grey color but it becomes blue sometime on November for unknown reasons. You can also check out the Engelbrecht Cave, famous for cave dining. You tour while you dine, floating on the water. Very interesting, huh?

The Western Australia is the largest among the states. WA possesses the white sandy beaches in Australia, so it would be a first-rate place for sun-lovers. Albany is one of the most historical places in this state with the pretty Victorian buildings, Courthouse, St. John’s Anglican Church and Town Hall.

And now goes Tasmania that has great walking trails and proposes outdoor activities. Known for having superb waterfalls, Australians owns the best. Hobart, Tasmania is the oldest city in the country that conveys the history of Georgian buildings and harbors modern elements. It is a small city so you have the smallest possibility of going astray. Now if you are looking where you can buy your Australian memorabilia for this quest, visit the shopping center in the city: the Elizabeth Street Mall. Not only it lets you shop but it contains modern swimming facilities, gyms and spa baths, sauna and steam room facilities.

Lastly, we have Northern Australia Territory. This is the most barren out of all the Australian states.  It encloses wide range of the country’s area - around 20% but small group of the population lives here. You might notice that red is the predominant color in the soil because it is situated in the Central Australia (surrounding the center is a number of meteorite craters, canyons and valleys). It is a suitable place for volcanologists because of the dominant canyons and craters.

These are only some of the most astonishing places you can see in Australia and its beauty doesn’t stop from here. Not only the place looks brilliantly amazing, but you will find that the Aussies (Australians) themselves were beautiful inside-out. Their characteristics were mostly patient, tactful and friendly. Anyone will surely enjoy their stay with people like that and a heart-relaxing piece of heaven like that.  So long, mate!