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Central Park, which first became open in 1857, is one of the places to visit in New York that tourists or anyone else can come to relax or participate in a number of activities. This public park in Manhattan goes from north to south, beginning at 110th street down to 59th street, as well as running from east to west starting at 5th Avenue and going to Central Park West.

Central Park is 843 acres of land and about 35 million people come to it for one of their choices for day trips in New York. It is open 365 days a year, and only closes each day from one to six a.m.

In 1963, the area was designated as a National Historic Landmark. It is run by the Central Park Conservancy, which is a non-profit group that provides the majority of the park’s yearly budget, as well as providing jobs for most of the maintenance of the park.

What is there to do in Central Park?

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If you are coming to Central Park to spend a day there with your children, then you will want to take them to see the Central Park Zoo, along with the carousel and boat rides there, and there is a special story telling time during the summer for the younger children near the Hans Christian Anderson statue. Plus, there are 21 special children’s parks scattered throughout the area.

If you have come there to get some peace and relaxation, there are several areas in Central Park reserved as quiet zones. These include Strawberry Fields, East Green, Shakespeare Garden, Sheep Meadow, Turtle Pond and Conservatory Garden.

You can even take your dog for a walk throughout most of the park, but they must be on a leash. Dogs, however, aren’t allowed in playground areas, wildlife areas, fountains, and several other sections.

Is there any place to get a meal in Central Park?


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You can’t smoke in Central Park or bring in your own alcohol, but if would like a bite to eat or something to drink, there are plenty of options. First, there are multiple food carts throughout the park that sell various types of food, snacks or things to drink. Plus, there are several restaurants, including popular venues like Sheep Meadow Café, Loeb Boathouse restaurant, the Leaping Frog Café, and the Ferrara Café.


Other Activities in Central Park

There are many other interesting sights to see in New York Central Park.  For instance, if you are a bird fan, you can head over to the “Ramble,” which is a special section of the park where many kinds of birds live. Or, you can rent a rowboat or a kayak from the Loeb Boathouse or take a ride in a carriage pulled by a horse to take a sightseeing trip in New York through Central Park.


If you like exercising outdoors, you can job on one of the trails, do some rock climbing, ride your bicycle, or do some inline skating. Central Park even has an ice skating ring.


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During the summer, Central Park features open air theater performances free for visitors to enjoy. And the New York Philharmonic orchestra gives an open air concert every year, plus the City Parks Foundation puts on the annual Central Park Summerstage, which is a series of music, dance and film viewings that are also free to participate in.


All in all, Central Park offers everyone a great place to relax, exercise, take in a concert or have a bite to eat.