Visit the Sunny Beaches of Florida


The Surf's Up

      The surf and sun in Florida is a prized attraction that millions flock to every year. Florida is a big state and the variety it offers is spectacular.   Some want the night life; others want peaceful sunsets by the beach.  One of the few places where almost everyone can get a taste of what they want from Florida is Clearwater. Nestled along the western coast of Florida close to the bay area of Tampa, it is a hidden jewel.  Read on to find some helpful tips and friendly advice about visiting one of the best kept secrets in the United States.

Hidden Jewel

       Clearwater is home to the famous Clearwater Beach.  This beach offers beautiful white sandy beaches with gorgeous blue waters.  It is a very family friendly beach but offers much for the young single crowd as well.  Shopping along the pier offers many attractive high end choices as well as many well maintained eating establishments and boutiques.  If you want to stay on the beach several top brand name hotels have excellent accommodations that overlook the ocean.  One of the main attractions for Clearwater beach is Pier 60.  Pier 60 is a boardwalk and pier area that has been established by the city of Clearwater.  The pier offers public fishing opportunities, arts and craft vendors, and breath taking views from one of the best places in Florida to watch a sunset.  If you are interested more in the pier, visit the city of Clearwater’s web site to find out more.

Low Key

        If you want to stay off the beaten path and be lower key Clearwater offers that too.  Sand key Beach and Caledesi Island State Park are other public beaches that are much lower profile but have been rated very high by beach enthusiasts.  If the beach isn't your thing you can find other major attractions very close to where you are staying, Busch Gardens is a world renowned theme park and the Florida Aquarium offers a fantastic day long experience of all that Florida aquatic life has to offer. Whether you are in the area for a few days or for a few weeks, Clearwater is a splendid place to relax, have fun, and explore all that is to love about sunny and sandy Florida.