First time visitors Cuba often feel overwhelmed. If you have always wanted to visit Cuba but feel intimidated then a guided tour of Cuba would be a great way to visit Cuba for the first time. Oftentimes a guided tour of Cuba will make you competent enough to return to Cuba and travel on your own.

A vacation to Cuba can be like stepping back in time. Because of the ongoing American embargo, many of the automobiles still in use on the streets are cars from that 1950s. Because of the American embargo, Cubans have kept these old automobiles running in tiptop shape.

Cuba is extremely famous worldwide for their cigars. It is said that a Cuban cigar is the best in the world. Americans often try to sneak out or mail back some Cuban cigars from their vacation to Cuba, but it is not recommended as the American authorities will probably confiscate your Cuban cigars and possibly smoke them themselves.

There are numerous companies that specialize in guided vacations and tours of Cuba. A guided tour to Cuba will allow you to relax and take in the hospitality shown by locals. The Cuban people are extremely friendly, and are known to be very generous although they may not have much to give. Cubans are very family oriented and oftentimes they will bestow this hospitality on Americans whom they come into contact with.

One place not to miss on any Cuban vacation is Havana. Havana is the heart of Cuba with many sites for you to visit including ChinaTown. ChinaTown was incorporated into the city of a Havana in the early 20th century. The ChinaTown in Havana was very prosperous until 1959, when Fidel Castro begin seizing control of numerous small businesses within the Chinese area. Many of the Chinese business owners and residents fled Cuba once Fidel Castro began seizing control of the Chinese ran businesses.

At one point, there were four Chinese language newspapers but only one is in existence today and still operated. Although the ChinaTown is nothing like it could've been if Fidel Castro had not seized the businesses, it is still a high point to visit for many first time visitors to Havana.

Havana is the capital city of Cuba and also is home to the main Airport. It is rare that an American will visit Cuba and never see Havana. Havana is usually the starting point of any Cuban vacation whether you travel alone or as part of a guided trip.

If you're a Rum drinker, then you should thoroughly enjoy your time in Cuba as it is home to some of the best Rum in the world.

Some cruise ships dock in Cuba and allow their passengers to visit this island, however these are cruises that are generally targeted to Europeans. If you have never traveled to Cuba it is highly recommended you use a guided tour, as a first time visitor to Cuba can often feel overwhelmed by the paperwork needed for an American citizen to visit Cuba.