London on a budget

Capital cities tend to be more expensive to visit than anywhere else in the world and London is no exception. Having even a short break in London tends to costs hundreds of pounds and, though its definitely worth visiting, the costs can put a lot of people off. With that in mind we thought we’d look at visiting London cheaply and how to get a better deal  on a short getaway to London. London really is a great place for a week’s holiday and there’s so much to try and cram in; but we’re going to look at a cheaper way to visit the nation’s capital!

Where to stay

Your accommodation is undoubtedly the most expensive part of your holiday. The average cheap hotel in London will cost you at least £100 a night. Outside of the centre you’ll likely pay £60-£80 a night but will then have to pay for a train or taxi into the city centre. However, in the spirit of cheap places to stay in London there are some much better options. If you are prepared to rough it then London has some great hostels in central locations. You’ll be in with the backpacking crowd and they aren’t necessarily the nicest places to travel to but with prices around £20 a night you can’t complain overly. However, if you want to have something more luxurious then consider short term rentals in London as you can rent a fully furnished property for a lot less than a hotel  will cost you. Short term rentals for a week tend to  run to about £500 a week for a two bedroom flat which is a huge saving compared to a hotel. Plus you can have additional guests staying in the spare rooms and you can save a lot of money on food and other amenities that a hotel would charge through the roof for! Beyond these two options the only other great way to have a short break in London on the cheap is to stay with friends or family!

What to do

While all the large sights tend to charge there are plenty of great free options for entertainment in London and, while you’ll want to see at least some of the sights you don’t have to spend money all the time. The best free attractions are undoubtedly the museums which are great whatever age you are! The science museum and the natural history museum are two of the best and most popular but don’t forget that the art galleries and history museums are also all free and that you can see as many as you like – there are enough for a week’s holiday without anything else! However, one of the other great attractions of London is what can be seen simply walking around. Forget the tube and buses and simply stroll to the great monuments – from Tower Bridge to Big Ben and Buckingham Palace. Nothing is a long way away and there are plenty of things to see. Finally London has some great open spaces to enjoy including Hyde Park and St. James Park and, if the weather is nice, you can happily spend hours wandering round these beautiful places. Visiting London really doesn’t need to be expensive so have fun and enjoy yourself!