Orlando is of course one of the most popular holiday destinations in the world and there are plenty of incredible attractions on offer here with beautiful weather and scenery thrown in. Orlando is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the US and here we’re going to explore some of the reasons.

The biggest and most prominent reason in most people’s minds is of course the abundance of theme parks. Disneyland is a HUGE draw for families and people of all ages. Then there’s Universal Studios and the abundance of other theme parks in the area. Without a doubt this is the number one reason why people visit Orlando and frankly we can’t blame them in the slightest. The parks are simply brilliant and Disneyland  is a hundred times better than the one in Paris. There are literally hundreds of rollercoasters set in these stunningly large parks as well as museums and countless other attractions. The on-site hotels are fantastic and themed to represent different areas of the Disney imagination. The complexes at universal studios and the immaculately kept gardens are incredible. However, it’s the rides that really are the best and if you’re  even remotely a fan of thrill rides you’ll be in heaven (or scared out of your  mind!). There’s also so much to keep kids amused they will be in paradise on any trip here as it’s replete with quieter rides, parades and shows to keep you and them entertained throughout your visit.

However, that’s enough of the plug for Disneyland and co as it is actually worth exploring the rest of Orlando itself as it has a lot to offer outside of the theme parks. The area is a paradise of fantastic weather and beautiful scenery and there’s plenty to explore if thrill rides are a bit too much for a whole holiday.

                We’ll start with central Florida zoo which is amongst the best in the states with a fantastic menagerie of animals from all over the world. Secondly for nature lovers we have the incredible Gatorland which showcases some animals – bet you can’t guess which. The park here is great and well worth an afternoon’s visit.

                Orlando and Florida more generally also has a rich history of technology and aviation and some great related sights to see. The Fantasy of Flight aviation attraction has the world’s largest collection of privately owned aircraft and stunning displays and media presentations to keep you captivated. However, the biggest attraction is the nearby (45km) Kennedy space centre. This is and remains one of the most important places for Space exploration in the world and it is worth visiting for the museums and the incredible location even if you’re not particularly a space buff.

Finally for something a little quirkier you can take a downtown Orlando ghost tour or visit the wonderworks museum of natural phenomena (mainly weather, earthquakes etc.). These might be a little tacky days out (well the former at least) but they are great fun and well worth doing. Villas in Orlando also let you explore the beautiful countryside around the area and the beautiful lake with its sailing boats and wooded trails. Wherever you go and whatever you do in Orlando there are opportunities for fun all over the place so I hope you have a great time.