Winter Grand Canyon ArizonaCredit: Flickr/hspauldi

Visiting the Grand Canyon in the wintertime is popular with a small segment of travelers. There are a few reasons you should see the magnificent Grand Canyon in the wintertime. If you have previously been to the Grand Canyon during the hot summer months, then you will once again be in awe as you gaze out at this snow covered Canyon in Northern Arizona.

Snow Covered

A lot of people do not believe that the Gran Canyon can get snow. If you have only visited the Grand Canyon in the warm summer months, then it can be hard to visualize a cold and snow covered Grand Canyon. The Grand Canyon is not always covered in snow in the wintertime, however you have much better odds of seeing a white covered Grand Canyon in the wintertime.

Less People

There generally is much less traffic in the middle of winter. Seeking solace to ponder the meaning of life is much easier to do in the winter at the Grand Canyon. Less people means you will not have to wait to get you perfect picture of the Canyon, as there will be no one to block your view.

Not As Hot

The Grand Canyon can get extremely hot during the summer months. A cool winter day may get chilly, but you can always wear a jacket or coat to remain warm. During the hot Grand Canyon summer months you can strip off your clothes, but it will still be to warm.

Gorgeous Winter Sunrises and Sunsets

Wintertime in the Grand Canyon region has superb sunrises ans sunsets. During the winter you will see light reflected in a way that is not seen during the summer. If you are a photographer then a visit to the Grand Canyon during the winter is a must.

Grand Canyon Winter Travel Tips

Grand Canyon Winter SnowCredit: Flickr/Minette LayneThe Grand Canyon North Rim visitors area is closed in the wintertime, however if weather is good you may be able to still visit during the daytime. Check the weather reports and road conditions because you don;t want to get out to the North Rim and then have the road get closed because of snowy conditions.

Grand Canyon Winter Mule Trips

The popular Grand Canyon mule trips into the canyon are often sold out during the summer months, however in the winter you can usually schedule a mule trip with no problems. The trails may be covered in ice but the mules wear shoes in the wintertime that are designed to keep them from slipping.

Dress Warm and Carry Water

Winter in this famous Arizona Canyon can get very cold, very windy, and deep snow can fall at anytime. Make sure that you dress in layers, have a heavy winter coat with you, and always carry a bottle of water with you and have extra jugs of water in your car in case you get stranded or have another emergency. Dehydration in the winter at the Grand Canyon is very common, so you need to keep your body hydrated with enough water to stay safe.