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Time Square is one of the places to visit in New York and you won’t want to miss this famous are of town. Times Square is a main business intersection in Midtown Manhattan at Broadway and Seventh Ave that goes all the way from West 42nd to West 47th. 


Times Square in New York is Full of Fun, Food and Excitement

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More than 26 million visitors come to New York to see Times Square and all that it has to offer, including shopping venues, restaurants, famous sights, and to watch Broadway Shows.

It used to be called Longacre Square, but the name changed in 1904, which was also the first year of the now famous New Year’s Eve Party held every year where millions of people gather every year to see the famous glass ball drop at midnight at One Times Square to usher in the New Year.


Since 1972 Dick Clark has been famous for hosting this show, which features acts from all over and is broadcast from other cities as well, including Las Vegas, Los Angeles and Orlando. Ryan Seacrest started doing the show in 2008 after Clark had a stroke.


Great Things Await Visitors to New York’s Times Square


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There is a lot of things to see while sightseeing in New York and visiting Times Square. You can see the ESPN Zone, or Lowe’s Cineplex or go to the Iridium Jazz Club or see a play or a musical in one of the many theaters in the area. And you don’t have to worry about choking on smoke, because no smoking has been allowed in Times Square since February 2011.


Times Square is full of excitement and bright lights that are sure to impress anyone looking for place to visit in New York. As a matter of fact, the city requires businesses to have the gaudy style of bright lights advertising their presence because they are considered an icon of the Times Square area.

Some of the famous lighted signs are the NASDAQ stock exchange board, as well as the Toshiba billboard, the Coca Cola LED sign and the Samsung LED sign. Some of these are even powered with green energy by wind and solar power as of 2008.

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You can also see the giant flat screen TV that is set up right in the midst of Times Square that shows broadcasts from NBC Universal. MTV also has an office on Times Square and broadcasts interactive shows where you may just end up as part of the action.


Plenty of Food Options in Times Square

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As a matter of fact, you could see many strange, yet wonderful things while you tour Times Square from the famous Naked Cowboy, a guy who actually wears underwear who carries a guitar around and sings. And if you get hungry, there are lots of carts with hot dogs, pretzels and soft drinks.


If you want something more substantial, you can go to one of the famous restaurants located on Times Square. Some of these include Bubba Gump Shrimp, Virgil’s Barbeque, and Planet Hollywood to name a few.