One of the most magnificent spots in all of North America is Yellowstone Park. Yellowstone Park has the reputation of being one of the finest National Parks in the United States. There is a lot to see and do but unfortunately many people do not get off of the beaten path at Yellowstone and they go at peak tourist time so there time spent at Yellowstone National Park can easily wind up as one giant traffic jam with some buffalo walking around.

I do not want to discourage people from visiting Yellowstone National Park but it is imperative that you understand that there will be a lot of people there, especially if you go on the weekends during the summer. If you pick a holiday such as the 4th of July to visit Yellowstone National Park and you do it on the weekend then you may end up feeling like you are in downtown New York City with all of the dang traffic.

Yellowstone National Park is located in 3 different States. Yes Yellowstone is a very large park but most of the park is in the State of Wyoming. Other parts of Yellowstone National park reach into Idaho and Montana. One of the highlights for visitor to Yellowstone Park is the geysers. The most famous of the geysers is “Old Faithful”.

Old Faithful was called Old Faithful because it would faithfully erupt on a regular basis. It was like clockwork when the eruption of this famous geyser would go off. It is no longer near as accurate, but the eruptions can still be counted on to occur about every 60-90 minutes. Many tourists to Yellowstone are delighted to see Old Faithful erupt and many of these tourists would stick around to watch it erupt a second time. Old Faithful Geyser is by far the most popular geyser in Yellowstone Park. The popularity and notoriety of this geyser can be directly attributed to how to the regularity of the geyser and how often it goes off. If you want to make sure you can see a geyser eruption than Old faithful is definitely the way to go.

Yellowstone National Park encompasses almost 3,500 square miles of pure beauty. The park is vast and most people who come to Yellowstone on vacation only are able to see the most popular tourist’s spots. If you are willing to get off the beaten path there are area trails you can hike into that will be almost completely devoid of humans. This is where the most spectacular part of the Park is located. You can even visit Yellowstone in the winter although securing permits and access to the park is more complicated. I feel the prettiest time of the Year in Yellowstone is during the heart of winter when everything is covered in snow. If you are not brave enough to visit in the wintertime then early fall can be a great time to visit to see the majestic beauty of this Great national park.

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A wide variety of animals can be seen at Yellowstone National park. One of the most popular animals that people get really excited to see is the Buffalo. Buffalo, also called Bison, are often a new site to visitors. There size can often match or exceed that of the car you happen to be driving. You definitely do not want to walk up to a Bison and snap his picture with your camera. Feel free to take pictures of Bison but you will want to ensure that you do it from a safe distance. Never get out of you vehicle and approach any wild animals in Yellowstone park, especially Buffalo.

In 1856 famous mountain man and explorer Jim Bridger visited Yellowstone National Park. He took stories back east describing Yellowstone National Park but most people did not believe him. In 1871 an exploration party was dispatched by the United States government and it was dispatched to explore and map the Yellowstone region.

One of the largest underground volcanoes is located underneath Yellowstone national park. If it was ever to explode many experts believe that it would totally destroy the park and everything else with 100 miles. The odd of this super volcano exploding in our lifetime though is relatively low, although many experts agree that it will happen eventually.

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Most people who visit Yellowstone Park only visit for the day. You can get permission to camp in designated areas and there is also the Yellowstone Lodge located within the Park, but it can be very expensive and often booked up early. If you stay just outside of the park you will save some money. The further away from Yellowstone you can stay then the cheaper it will be. Many people stay in towns such as Rexburg, Idaho which is still a bit if a drive but allows the vacationing family to save a lot of money over staying in or near the Park.

Camping inside of the park is also a less expensive option than staying at the Inn; however it can be hard to get a campsite during peak visitor season. There are over 2,000 camping spots at Yellowstone Park but they can still be hard to come by at times.

There are a few different communities located on the outskirts of Yellowstone national park. One of the more popular communities is Gardiner, Montana. Gardiner is where the main entrance of Yellowstone national Park is located.

I would suggest you stay away from Yellowstone during the busy season; however if the only time you can visit is at peak visitors time then you should still go. You do to know when you will get another opportunity to go so it is important that you go. Some of Mother Nature’s best work was done in the Yellowstone region. Yellowstone Park is truly an amazing place that should be experienced by visitors who have never been there before.

Plan on spending at least 1 full day at Yellowstone Park. It is possible to spend less time here but you will be able to see and experience more in the National park when you are not being rushed. Yellowstone is very vast and you could spend an entire summer in this Majestic Park and still not be able to see and experience everything that is available.