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The Chrysler Building is one of the things to see in New York and is considered a great example of Art Deco style of architecture.  The Chrysler Building is 405 Lexington Avenue at 42nd Street on Manhattan's East Side.

The building was constructed in 1930 as part of a competition to come up with the world’s tallest building.  The building construction used nearly 400,000 rivets and about 3,826,000 bricks to make its non-loadbearing walls.

Chrysler Building Honored as World’s Tallest Building

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The Chrysler Building is 319 meters/1046 feet tall and there are 77 floors and held the honor of being the world’s tallest building until the Empire State Building the following year, and then the Sears Tower in Chicago was built in 1974 and became the tallest building.

The owner, Walter P. Chrysler, considered being the winner as a status symbol, as they almost lost the honor to the Bank of Manhattan, but the Chrysler Building spire made the difference in it gaining control of the honor.

Visitors Allowed to Tour Chrysler Building

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There are no actual guided tours, but visitors on day trips to New York are allowed into the lobby of the Chrysler Building Monday through Friday.  There, they can see its granite and marble surfaces, chrome decorations and the auto theme throughout the building. If desired, there are helicopter tours of the city that will also give you an outside bird’s eye view of the Chrysler Building.

The Chrysler Building is a masterpiece of architecture, and it has various types of ornamentation such as eagles on the corners of the 61st floor, replicas of Chrysler radiator caps from 1929, and other such ornamentation. It is made of masonry, steel frames, and it has a grand total of 3,862 windows, and four banks of eight elevators. In 19776 it joined the ranks as a National Historic Landmark.

What is The Chrysler Building Used For?

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These days, the Chrysler Building is full of various company offices and access to other than the lobby is restricted unless you have a reason to be on one of the 77 floors.  

There was a viewing gallery located on the 71st floor for visitors to gaze out to see New York from above, but it closed in 1945. The floors above this area are only used for storage of radio and television broadcasting gear and additional types of electrical and mechanical gear.

Several radio and TV stations, including WCBS Channel 2, WPAT FM and WTFM used to broadcast from the Chrysler Building but later moved over to the Empire State building. Now, no company is broadcasting from it any longer.

Chrysler Building Popular in Film

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The Chrysler Building has been used in some of the top movies that were supposed to have happened in New York City. Plus, it placed first in a survey of more than 100 historians, builders, engineers, scholars and other critics in 2005 in a quest to find out the most favorite tower.

The bottom line is that if you plan a visit to New York City, don’t forget to take a look at the Chrysler Building.