One of the coolest trends in the world of fashionable hats is the beanie with a brim. The brimmed hat combines the best features of a baseball hat with a beanie. The design features a large rounded piece that wraps around the head, cushioning it and keeping it protected from the sun and wind. The smaller brim attaches to the front of the hat, which protects the eyes from the harsh sun. Even professional athletes opt for the style for both work and play. A chunky knit custom cap or a darker coal colored hat is a great choice to reduce the cold winter chill.

Visor beanie

Visor beanies can be divided into those designed and created by knitters and ones designed and created by professional machines. The handmade designs are often more expensive because of the work that goes into creating the piece. However, some people prefer the handmade designs because of the customizable features. When they work with the designer, they can purchase a beanie that fits their head properly. One that is too large will fall down in the eyes, while a smaller design feels tight and uncomfortable around the head.

Shoppers can find some great beanies suitable for kids. The knitted caps come in smaller sizes for newborns and infants, but also come in larger sizes for toddlers and younger children. The pieces are the perfect way to protect the kids from the dangers of snow and ice, as well as the harsh rays of the summer sun. Kids can even pick a design that matches their favorite outfit for year-round use.

Cuffless models are similar, but have a small visor attached to the front. Some designers even make plain versions that are great for embroidering a logo, slogan or image on the front. Many people prefer the cuffless version because the visor is lightweight and thin. The visor models come in a variety of colors, including white and brown.

Some varieties even have a logo already placed on the front. The more popular designs include Monster and DC. Depending on the preference of the wearer, he might opt for one of the designs for men. The camo design is a nice choice because it combines shades of green and brown or green and black that act as neutrals. The man can wear the cap with almost any outfit, even if he picks an outfit that has a loud pattern.

Brimmed crochet caps come in styles for women, girls, boys and men. The caps are so cheap that some people pick several colors for all year long. The women's patterns use both neutral colors, as well as bright colors. A style for an infant, toddler or baby might bring in some brighter colors that appeal to younger kids. Shoppers can even find rasta designs that work with a Halloween costume.