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"There are no miracles There are no signs. Only night stretches before me. I thrive on my unwavering spirit and continue on this dark journey. I push forward."

This is the motto of the strongest temple in the world of Maji de Watashi ni Koi Shinasai, the Kawakami Temple. And as such, it will be the driving force in motivating the characters in this gripping, yet lighthearted visual novel.

Maji de Watashi ni Koi Shinasai! (Fall in Love with Me Seriously), or "Majikoi" for short, is an adult visual novel developed by Minato Soft, creators of the predecessor Kimi ga Aruji de, Shitsuji de ga Ore (They are My Noble Masters) or simply "Kimiaru". Majikoi was released in 2009, and it will have a sequel that is planned to be released on January 2012. There is an anime based on this game that is currently airing in Japan.

The game is all about the life of Naoe Yamato, who lives in the fictional city of Kawakami City in Japan, along with his six other childhood friends. The story develops when two transfer students arrive, who become integrated into their group.

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Like other visual novels, the game is composed of a text-based story, with dialogue between characters. CG or computer graphics is also present, as well as portraits and body images of the different major characters inside the game. Choices will also be made at certain points of the game, which will decide what scenes and CG the player will see, and what kind of ending will the player get.

However, what differentiates this game from the rest of the thousands of Japanese visual novels is that the graphics are well done. The anime-style used in the characters can be considered to be among the best. There are also some special effects for fireworks, slashes, and punches of the characters, which some visual novels lack.

Aside from the great graphics, there are also timed choices, where the player has to select a choice within a certain amount of time. This has given the game a twist, wherein the player can become surprised that he or she has to make a decision with little time to spare.

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The sound is also one of the good things inside the game. It sets the mood for the player. One can feel the overflowing fighting spirit when needed, and one can appreciate the jokes within the game when the music turns ridiculous.

 And finally, as a visual novel, its greatest strength is its plot. One can never appreciate the entire background of the story with just one playthrough. One needs to complete every primary heroine, and integrate the small bits of conversations and different viewpoints to come up with one complete picture of the story behind each character and the setting.

All in all, I can say the Majikoi has made it to one of the most memorable visual novels I have ever read. It is worthy to be called legendary, and enjoy the same status as Typemoon's Fate/Stay Night and Nitroplus' Steins;Gate.