Have you always wanted a better picture of what furniture might look like in your home before you spend the money?You've got some help to do this now.Amini Furniture has created a section of their website to help.Their website has debuted what they call the "space planner".

The space planner is an interactive program that will let you literally set up a picture to show what furniture would look like in any room in your home.

Pick A Room

Before you do anything else, the Amini furniture space planner is going to ask you to pick which room in your house you want to design.You can choose from things like dining room, office, bedroom and then you'll be shown the Amini furniture that you can start to decorate with.

Measure The Room

Now it's time to make sure the system knows how large the room is.Now you'll see the right side of the screen has a floor plan that is adjusted for the space of the room you want to decorate.

Furniture Selection

It's time to have fun putting Amini furniture in the room now.Since you've already selected the room type you want to decorate, you'll notice in the left bottom side of the screen there are pieces of furniture from the Amini furniture collection.If the pieces you see right now are not your favorites, you can click the right and left arrows to get a new selection to decorate with.

Once you've found the pieces that you like the look of, now you can see how they look on a floor plan.Go until you find the piece that you want to add to your floor plan and click on it so it shows up on the plan.Now by using the mouse you can rotate or relocate the furniture to just where you would put it if you were decorating.At this point, you can keep adding the pieces of furniture that you want for the room until you have all of them in place. A quick glance will tell you whether or not you have the space in your home to accomplish the look you wanted to create with the Amini furniture you have selected.


If you'd like to add a little colorful touch to this floor plan, you do have the option of changing the colors of any of the items on the floor plan. This can often help people get a better overall image of the space.Figuring out what furniture to decorate your home with is now a snap.Now before you bring the first piece of furniture home, the Amini furniture planner will help you make sure you're selecting the right pieces for the right space before you bring them home.

The Amini Innovation Corporation of today, better known as AICO, is much different than the 220 square feet of warehouse space.