Many successful people became successful in their minds long before their success manifested in the natural realm.  They not only worked hard, but they also tapped into the power of creative visualization in order to manifest their dreams and goals.  This is rather simple to do and very effective in setting into motion a divinely orchestrated plan for your life.

Creative visualization means that you utilize creative images of whatever it is that you want or want to achieve.  For example, if you want a dream home on the beach, a fancy car, two dogs, and a successful business, then begin to visualize all of that in your mind.  Sit around daydreaming about everything that you want and feel the emotions as if your wants were true RIGHT NOW!  Let me tell you that if your dreams and goals were true in the present you’d be euphoric, excited, and beaming from ear to ear, so feel those emotions now!

A key characteristic of successful people is to formulate and write down specific goals.  It is a good idea to do this yourself and keep those goals in a place that you can see everyday.  In addition to this, visualize yourself accomplishing these goals and continually make positive affirmations that affirm your success. 

A wonderful tool for achieving your dreams is to make a dream board.  A dream board is simply a collage of pictures of your desires.  Take a bunch of magazines and cut out the things that you desire.  Make an exciting and creative collage of the life that you desire.  Put it in a place that you will see everyday! 

The sky’s the limit when it comes to creative dream boards.  Don’t be afraid to dream big and hold nothing back.  Include little and big goals. I know of a preacher who used to sit around and visualize himself preaching in front of thousands of people and a few years later there he was traveling all over the country speaking to thousands of people at a time.  I also know that many athletes, movie stars, and rock stars utilize visualization and dream boards to assist them in accomplishing their goals. 

Visualization is a wonderful tool toward your success, but other keys include hard work, perseverance, time management, and good decisions.  Combine all of these characteristics and you’ll be creating a life of success for yourself before you know it.