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An Overview Of Vitamin A

Vitamins are the important nutrients that are helpful to stimulate the human health. Vitamin A is an essential nutritional supplement of the vitamin class. It is a group of specific retinoid that include a variety of fat soluble substances such as retinol, retinyl esters and retinoic acid. Vitamins play a vital role in the human life of growth and regulation of the metabolic functions. 

Introduction about vitamin A

Vitamin A contains an important component; rhodopsin, a protein which absorbs light for the retinal receptors to manage the function of vision and eyesight well. It is also known as retinol. Various organs in the body like heart, lungs, kidneys etc.   Vitamin A supports growth of cells and its differentiation along with the maintenance of normal body functions.

Sources of vitamin A

Although, every member of the vitamin group is essential to be taken in small amount for regulating the normal body functions; still it is important to consume at least one source of vitamin daily to meet the demand of retinol in the human body. You do not need to consume anything special to fulfill the requirement of vitamin A; as you can get the nutrient by eating leafy and green vegetables, milk and eggs, orange, pumpkin, tomato, fruits and broccoli etc. Carrot and spinach are two leading sources of vitamin A. Dairy products, meat, fish, liver and vegetable oils can also be relied to accomplish the demand of vitamin A in the body. The effectual sources are reliable to uphold a better health.

Benefits of vitamin A 

Vitamin A plays a significant role in a variety of functions throughout the body, such as:

Vision- vitamin A is useful for the eyesight as it works by binding with rods and cones in the eye which is highly essential for vision function. Within the eye, 11 cis retinal binds with rhodopsin pigment and resides in the form of conserved lysine residues leading to eye sight.

Immunity- vitamin A is well known for supporting the immune system of the body. It works for the formation of immune responsible cells and their differentiation. Intake of Vitamin A is too effective to get rid of immunity problem.

Gene transcription- the most important process of life gene transcription cannot be carried out in the absence of vitamin A. Once after the absorption of retinol by retinal substances in the cell, the enzyme retinol dehydrogenize oxidizes retinol. This process initiates gene transcription in the human body. 

Embryonic development- the process of reproduction and development of the embryo cannot be accomplished without vitamin A. There are many parts of the embryo that are made up of vitamin A such as liver, kidneys and heart etc.

Dermal health- retinoic acid that is found in vitamin A works especially for cell growth as it performs the process of differentiating keratinoids i.e. immature skin cells into the developed mature epidermal cells. In addition, the presence of vitamin helps to moisturize the skin and keep it free from dryness that can lead to itching, irritation and unhealthy skin.


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