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Vitamin C serum is a good topical application to put on your face to protect you from UV cell damage. The sun causes premature aging of your skin and can increase skin cancers. Vitamin C is one vitamin that’s very good for your skin and can help to reverse some signs of the aging your skin experiences. Ascorbic acid which we call Vitmain C can stimulate the collagen, and decrease wrinkles as well as lighten pigmentation. A high concentration of vitamin C serum will help with reducing these signs of aging.

Picking the Right Formula

Not all vitamin C serums are the same so you’ll need to use caution about which ones you buy. Many don’t have a high enough concentration to be of much benefit to you. Companies will try to sell you products that don’t really work to make a quick buck. Look for serums with high concentrations for the best results. One way to tell the freshness of your serum is to look for yellowing in the serum. This means that it has gone through oxidation and it’s no longer worth using. These products could be on the shelf for a long time so check to make sure you’re not getting a bad product. Once the serum has turned yellow with oxidization you’ll need to discard it because it won’t work. Any formulations that are yellow or orange should not be purchased as this indicated either a bad product tor a poor quality one.

Should I Use it?

Vitamin C serum as an oral supplement is good for your skin and it can also help to boost your immune system so you’re better able to fight off illness. This is a natural antioxidant and it can help too revitalize your damaged skin cells so you have smoother looking skin. For these reason this serum makes an excellent skin care product.

As we age our collagen production goes down so this serum can help stimulate this production again. This means your skin will get back some of its elasticity so your skin has a younger look to it and in the process you’ll see less wrinkles.

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Application Tips

Vitamin C serum can cause some irritation or a rash in some people. To test the serum you should apply a bit of it on another area of your body such as your hand and see how it reacts with your skin. Most won’t feel anything at all but some might not be able to use certain brands of the product due to the irritation. The serum will last a long time on your skin so the irritation may be there for some time. Discontinue use if you feel drastic irritation from using this type of product. Be sure to test it and don’t rush into applying it to your face.

Effective Skin Care Product

Vitmain C serum can be an effective anti-aging skin care product. Be sure to read labels and make sure you’re getting true vitamin C serum and not a cheap imitation. Watch for yellowing which is a sign of oxidation and a poor quality product. Test the serum on your skin prior to application on larger areas such as the face.