Vitamin D


Recently I had been experiencing extreme fatigue, some depression and was waking up with unexplained bruising. I started to research online and all signs pointed to Leukemia! I was scared to death!! I made an appointment with my doctor because I had not been feeling well for awhile and after I had woken up one morning with bruises all over my legs (some being the size of my hand) I was very worried.

I had also been losing a lot of weight and wasn't trying to. At 5'7" I have always been around 125-130lbs and I had dropped to 114lbs. I felt terrible!! I was so pale and just looked unhealthy. I hadn't changed my diet and I eat all the time so there was really no reason for it. I've always had a high metabolism and I have a toddler so I just assumed that's why I was losing the weight. I had been sent to a stomach specialist almost a year ago when the problems first started and he did a gastro endoscopy and a colonoscopy along with bloodwork. He found nothing of course but diagnosed me with IBS. I assure you I didn't have irritable bowel! Yeah I had some stomach cramps but that was it.

I had them take blood and run every test in the book. Turns out my vitamin D levels were at 12 and normal range is between 50-150 so I was extremely deficient. They had me start taking a vitamin D supplement every day and since I have felt an extreme difference. Not just in general but my mood has been better and I feel so much healthier. Vitamin D is the "sunshine" vitamin because you typically get it from being in the sun. I am not an outside person by any means and I am very fair-skinned. So instead of being outside I opted to take a supplement every day. At first they wanted to prescribe me something but I don't have insurance so I didn't have the money to pay for it. They said I could get it over-the-counter anywhere. Calcium plus Vitamin D supplements were the kind they wanted me to take and prescribed 1800mg/day. I started this and within 2 days I felt so achy and was so tired! I thought this was supposed to go away?! So, instead I lowered my dose and am going to slowly inscrease it with time. I think it was such a shock to my system that my poor, unhealthy body didn't know what to do!

So if you have been feeling depressed or tired or just not yourself, have your vitamin D levels checked! It's an easy fix and you can't always trust what you read online!!