A lot of people are deficient in Vitamin D and this has a number of consequences on health. It is a very good idea to go and get your Vitamin D levels checked and if they are low you should take action in order to prevent a lot of health issues which may arise in you.

Vitamin D is practically impossible to receive though your diet and the number one source of it is really exposure to the sun. The sun of course is a double edged sword. You do not want to get too much of it, but you definitely do not want to get too little of it. A healthy balance is the best. For most healthy people, especially for young people, you should not worry at all about getting too much sun. Just go out and enjoy life under the sun as much as you can.

Most people in the society today live a very fast lifestyle and often end up missing out on the sun.

Think about it, if you wake up early to go to work and you are sitting inside the office when the sun is out. Maybe, just maybe, you get some sun during lunch, but a lot of people will be back in office after lunch only to get into their car and drive quickly to home or to a restaurant – all locations blocked from the sun. Not to mention that people who have an active night life, going out for drinks, clubbing, barely even get to see the sun.

So especially all the cases where you must work indoors, commute inside a car and live in an apartment block are in dire need of vitamin D.

SmileySunSo it is not surprising at all, as you can see, that a lot of people are deficient in vitamin D and if no action is taken then damage to your health is not a question of luck, but simply a question of time.

If it is impossible for you to get a lot of sun in your life then you absolutely must turn to supplementation or suffer the consequences later on in your life. If you are already taking multivitamins, then understand that this absolutely does not mean that you are getting everything. Multivitamins are usually just one pill and inside is a little bit of everything. Use common sense to understand that it is impossible to fit everything that our body needs inside one pill. I have checked the label on my multivitamin and it contains only 300 mg of vitamin D. Do you know how much is recommended? I have read recommendations from different sources going anywhere from the minimum of 2,000 mg per day to a strong 5,000 mg per day. So does this mean that we should stop using our multivitamin? No, this just means we need to supplement further with vitamin D.

As the daily values are not completely clear year and we only have a range at this point, I suggest you start with the minimum of 2,000 mg per day and if there are no issues then keep raising it in the direction of 5,000 mg. It is a good idea to consult your physician on this matter, but most importantly be honest with yourself. The best source is the sun. If you can get that – great! But if you know you will not be doing this, then use the supplements.

Vitamin D is not just for bone health or fight against cancer, but it impacts a lot of areas – even mental health. More and more research is coming out proving the benefits of vitamin D. One study proves that people who receive sufficient amount of vitamin D never catch cold. Think about that – they never catch cold. Cold is a virus. If vitamin D is able to kill this and many other viruses, then you are missing out on one of your the best weapons your body has.