Good health and fit body is the result of several useful nutrients that are supplemented to the body. A variety of vitamins are also responsible for the well going growth of the human body.  Vitamin E, which is also called as tocopherol, is one of the important nutrients that are supplemented by food and a few dietary supplements.

Structure of vitamin E

The structure of vitamin E includes eight fat soluble compounds along with tocopherol and tocotrienol. Tocopherol, the exclusive fat soluble antioxidant participates in the process of glutathione peroxidase pathway. It secures the cell membranes from the process of oxidation.

Tocotrienols are known for providing protection to the neurons from deterioration and decrease in cholesterol.

Features of the vitamin

Vitamin E is prominent for a variety of reasons described below-

  • Vitamin E is known as the fat soluble anti oxidants.
  • One of the outstanding facts to know about this vitamin that its intake of its increased amount cannot provide any growth to the body even can harm it.
  • The deficiency of vitamin E in the body is thought to be resulted in the condition of infertility.  
  • This fat soluble antioxidant is famous to stop the formation of reactive oxygen species that is produced during the fat is subjected for oxidation.

Benefits of vitamin E

The foremost use of the vitamin is that it works as an anti oxidants; thus helpful for reversing the process of aging.   One of the important functions it plays deals with the combination of supplementary antioxidants that use to treat prostate cancer and diabetes mellitus but the extra amount of the vitamin than the required quantity increases the risk of osteoporosis in women.   

  This vitamin possesses the capacity of controlling the amount of free radicals in tissues so that the cells can be prevented from the oxidative damage. Being an anti oxidant, this vitamin works as a peroxyl radical scavenger.

Vitamin E works as a regulator of the enzymatic activity and leads the smooth growth of muscles.

It inhibits the oxidation of unsaturated fatty acids and also works to maintain the neurological functions.

This vitamin is useful for the human body to maintain the cardiovascular activity in men.

Sources of vitamin E 

There are many common sources of vitamin E such as green and leafy vegetables, various oils like sunflower oil, wheat germ oil and nuts oil, corn oil, soya bean oil etc. Fruits like avocado, sweet potatoes, tomato and papaya etc. are adequate sources of this vitamin.

The modern vision

As people think that vitamin E is useful for the anti oxidation process and it can slower the occurrence of aging; it is thought to be consumed in more amounts. But the all that required to be kept in mind is that vitamin E should not be taken in excess as it can impart negative effects on the health. It can cause diabetes, cancer of prostate gland and infertility etc. so one should be a little witty to consume vitamin E.    


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