Looking for a sure way to lighten your under eye circles? A vitamin K eye cream could be just what you need to brighten those tired looking eyes. In fact, while the vitamin K eye cream may be the "latest in eye cream" according to BBC The Early Show, vitamin K had been known for ages to be the long lost ingredient of all anti ageing formula. In this article, we'll explore vitamin K eye creams and why it could be just the thing that all women are just looking for.

Vitamin K and Its Benefits

Ever heard about vitamin K? I'm sure you did. In fact, I believe we all had - only that we had forgotten about the real benefits of vitamin K and its wonderful benefits to our skin. Vitamin K is the least among our major vitamins and minerals priorities; in fact, most of us don't even know the recommended daily allowance of vitamin K that would have been beneficial for our health. Thanks to a number of researches and clinical trials, vitamin K is now rightfully recognized as the ultimate "anti-ageing powerhouse," which could do more than just lightening dark under eye circles and even combating eye wrinkles.

Vitamin K had been shown to be a more potent anti-oxidant - stronger than vitamin A, E, and even CoEnzyme Q10. While it could act on its own, vitamin K had been shown to enhance the power of other anti-ageing ingredients found in other applications. In fact, those who were deficient in vitamin K had seen a more visible result in their skin when supplied with the recommended daily portion of this vitamin.

Early signs of aging, like under eye circles and wrinkles, are results of the hormonal imbalance; Interleukin-6, one of the hormones produced by our bodies as we age, basically hastens our aging process and cause inflammation. Vitamin K had been shown to slow down the immature aging process manifest in our skin, reduce inflammation, and prevent degenerative diseases.

Under Eye Circles and Vitamin K

Essentially, under eye circles are results of the leaking capillaries that are made visible by the thinning under the skin in our eye area. Vitamin K basically acts to constrict the capillaries and, therefore, lighten the under eye area. And, since aging cause these capillaries to become more visible, it is important that we use a vitamin K eye cream and include it with the rest of our anti-ageing regimen.

It would also be best to nourish our bodies with vitamin K through our diet. Some vitamin K-rich foods include broccoli, spinach, and cabbage. It is important for us not to constrict our consumption of vitamin K with eye creams and body lotions as more research prove that eating vitamin K-rich vegetables would show faster results than when solely used externally. But vitamin K eye cream is strongly recommended as it targets particularly under circles and other early signs of skin aging that show in our eyes.

How to Choose and Apply Vitamin K Eye Cream

10% or more vitamin K content. Research shows that in order to be effective, vitamin K eye creams should contain at least 10% pure vitamin K. It should also contain other ingredients that are known to heal skin cells and tissues such as arnica and Aloe Vera. When you shop for vitamin K eye cream, make sure that you check its active ingredients; know which formula could lighten under eye circles, moisturize sensitive skin areas, has no fragrance, and increase blood circulation.

Apply twice a day. Use your vitamin K eye cream after your morning shower and before you go to bed. Only use a gentle skin cleanser when washing your face. After applying your regular moisturizer, apply the vitamin K eye cream liberally.