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Close to half of all people in the United States take a vitamin supplement every day. While there are literally thousands of places to buy these products, some are clearly better than others. In this, we take a look at one of the biggest retailers around.

There are three important things to keep in mind when looking into retail options: price, convenience, and customer service. The fact is that Vitamin Shoppe excels in every area. Let's go down the list in order:


It is true that the sticker price for many products at this retailer is equivalent to other sources. Obviously there are exceptions, and the Vitamin Shoppe is usually among the cheapest retailers. The real value, however, comes from frequent deals, discounts, and customer perks. This is especially true when shopping online at Each purchase at the online store grants you some store credit, which adds up to free vitamins over time. The site also makes it easy to find special offers. Looking at the bigger picture, this store makes it easy to buy in bulk at reduced rates, and of course you save money and time when you do not have to drive to the store.


With over 500 locations in the continental US and Puerto Rico, it should not be hard to find a store near you. Wherever you are, the online store is just a few clicks away. Because they only sell vitamins, herbs, supplements, and the like, the chances are that this store will have what you are looking for in stock.

At store locations and also online, there is always a free-to-use database that will help you stay on top of current studies and trends. This is an important feature, because current research is always subtly changing the way that vitamins and supplements are prescribed.

A final note about convenience: shopping online is a great time saver, because you can quickly and easily refill orders with a single click. Moreover, the website is set up in a logical way so that it is easy to compare leading brands or discover which products complement one another. There are also email alerts, a healthy awards program, gift cards, and a good return policy.

Customer Service

Staff at this retailer are well informed thanks to the dedicated nature of the business. Indeed, if you have any questions about your purchase, it would be hard to find a better source for answers that the Vitamin Shoppe. The free product information database mentioned above is a great resource should you have questions or doubts as well.

When shopping online, there are many helpful features like frequently asked questions, links to up to the minute reports, brand comparisons, and streaming on social media sites. Should you indeed need to talk with a live human being, there is also a well regarded help/customer service line. This retailer has become one of the biggest by ensuring repeat customers. This is a good indication that they value their customers opinions and will do what it takes to ensure loyalty.

In short, there is a lot to recommend about the Vitamin Shoppe , and almost nothing not to like. Because they are dedicated to a small scope of retail items, they are able to secure volume discounts which they pass along to the customer. This also leads to a knowledgeable sales staff, because they are dealing with vitamin questions and concerns only, all day long. Finally, years in the business and hundreds of locations mean that this is an efficient and streamlined business. This means professional courteous service and savings for the customer. If vitamins are what you are looking for, look no further.