Vitamin Water DefenseVitamin Water Defense is one of the more popular flavors of this controversial beverage, but many want to know, what exactly are the health benefits of Vitamin Water Defense? With all the debate surrounding this drink, one might also be wondering if Vitamin Water Defense is bad for you. Rest assured, you will soon know the answers to these common questions. Let's take a look at the health benefits of this controversial drink and find out how good it is for you.

What is Vitamin Water Defense?

Vitamin Water Defense is one of several different flavors of Glaceau's famous drinks that is mainly designed to keep your immune system working well and also prevent you from getting sick. It also aids in expediting the process of getting over being sick. Vitamin Water Defense comes in a surprisingly refreshing flavor combination of Raspberry and Apple. You can buy Vitamin Water Defense in almost any store that sells these wildly popular lines of supplemental beverages.

What's in Vitamin Water Defense?

Vitamin Water Defense is made up of a variety of essential nutrients, reverse osmosis H2O, cane sugar and crystalline fructose, citric acid, vegetable juice for coloring, natural flavors, zinc picolinate, and rejuvenating electrolytes like magnesium lactate, calcium lactate, monopotassium phosphate. It also has 50 calories per 8 ounce serving, all of said calories coming from sugar (carbohydrates). There is no protein, sodium, fiber, or fat in this tasty drink.

Here are the daily values (per 8 ounce serving) of each essential nutrient that is offered in Vitamin Water Defense:

  • C - 60%
  • B3 - 10%
  • B5 - 10%
  • B6 - 10%
  • B12 - 10%
  • Zinc - 10%

What are the Health Benefits of Vitamin Water Defense?

As mentioned, Vitamin Water Defense is "specially designed" to help you fight illnesses such as the common cold. We've already seen what nutrients are included, now let's break it down and see what the health benefits are for each one.

C - This super nutrient is essential for keeping your immune system in order, helping you to fight off infections, heal your wounds better, and keep your gums, bones, and blood vessels all in great condition. Another health benefit is that it may fight several types of cancer, including those of the mouth, throat, pancreas, and stomach.

B3 - Provides important health benefits like converting food into energy, and helps with protecting your skin, digestive system, and nerves. Large doses of B3 have been known to lower cholesterol as well.

B5 - Also known a Pantothenic Acid, has a few important health benefits worth mentioning. It's exceptionally good at helping your body break down fats, and aiding in the formation of several different hormones.

B6 - Provides you with some really nice health benefits. It helps you maintain an excellent metabolism that is more efficient at breaking down protein and carbohydrates. It also helps regulate your nervous system and form vital red blood cells. In some cases B6 can also alleviate the severity of asthma attacks.

B12 - Is great for building cells for blood and nerves, especially when combined with folic acid. Another important health benefit associated with B12 is its ability to prevent heart disease and nerve damage, to a certain extent.

Zinc - Zinc is a very helpful mineral that helps your immune system, not only to prevent illness, but also to relieve it sometimes. This Zinc combined with Vit. C make Vitamin Water Defense a good source of immune system boosting nutrients.

Is anything in Vitamin Water Defense bad for me?

There is a lot of controversy lately surrounding the validity of Glaceau's claims that their popular nutritional drinks do not have as many health benefits as they claim. Searching the internet for answers about whether this is true or not will leave you frustrated, sifting through hundreds of differing opinions, with everyone seemingly having their mind made up.

The truth is, Vitamin Water Defense, as well as any of the other flavors, can be deemed neither 'good for you' nor 'bad for you'. In a lot of ways, it is definitely good for you, but in other ways it is not. One common mistake people make is that they think these drinks can be used as a meal replacement since they have supplemental nutrients in it. This is something that Glaceau has never claimed you should do. It's always best to drink these with a meal, that way you can ensure your body absorbs all of the nutrients.

There are also some people out there upset at the fact that there are no real fruits listed in the ingredients. Keep in mind that Glaceau also never claims that their product is made from any form of juice, hence their name.

One of the other big debates revolves around the sugar content of these drinks. Many people are upset and cynical of Vitamin Water Defense due to its deceivingly high sugar content. One bottle contains 33g of sugar. The sugar comes from cane sugar and crystalline fructose (which is different, and slightly healthier, than High Fructose Corn Syrup), There is a common misconception among the general public that sugar is bad for you, and this simply isn't always true. Sugar is essential for the transportation of several key nutrients, and unless you are diabetic, or do not exercise every day, sugar is harmless and in fact something you need in your diet sometimes.

Vitamin Water Defense is not a medicine, nor does it ever claim to be, and there are plenty of better ways to get essential nutrients into your body by drinking juices such as V8, or eating raw fruits and vegetables every day. If you have to watch your blood sugar levels due to a medical condition, or you are someone who gets less than an hour of exercise every day, then Vitamin Water Defense and any other flavors are not going to be as good for you as it is for others who don't fit these profiles.

Doing a quick search online will yield you dozens of satisfied customer reviews that claim Vitamin Water Defense does in fact have many health benefits and is a great alternative to soda. Could all of these people be lying, or experiencing placebo effects? Probability says no.