Vitamin Water Formula 50Are you aware of the health benefits associated with Vitamin Water Formula 50? Even though Vitamin Water Formula 50 is drank by thousands of people each day, many people are still not aware of them. There is also a handful of people who claim that Vitamin Water Formula 50 is actually worse for you than it is good, but how true are these allegations? Let's take a look at just how good this drink is for you, and what health benefits it provides.

What is Vitamin Water Formula 50?

Vitamin Water Formula 50 is the grape flavored version of Glaceau's world famous nutrient-enhanced drinks, heavily influenced by Glaceau's most high profile spokesman, rapper 50 Cent. Vitamin Water Formula 50's main purpose is to provide you, the drinker, with up to 50% of your daily value needs of a variety of essential nutrients.

What is in Vitamin Water Formula 50?

Like many of the other flavors, Vitamin Water Formula 50 is composed of a natural concoction of reverse osmosis H2O, cane sugar and crystalline fructose, natural flavors, citric acid, fruit and vegetable juices for coloring, and several different essential nutrients and rejuvenating electrolytes like magnesium lactate and monopotassium phosphate. Each 8 ounce serving of Vitamin Water Formula 50 contains 50 calories, all of which derive from the sugar content (carbohydrates). You will not find any protein, sodium, fat, or fiber in the tasty beverage. As for the nutrients, here is a list along with the daily values provided in each 8 ounce serving.

  • C - 20%
  • E - 20%
  • B3 - 20%
  • B5 - 20%
  • B6 - 20%
  • B12 - 20%
  • Folic Acid - 20%

What are the health benefits of Vitamin Water Formula 50?

Vitamin Water Formula 50 is one of the top flavors to choose from when it comes to getting the best health benefits. As we explained earlier, Vitamin Water Formula 50's main goal, schtick, and purpose is to give you 50% of your daily requirements of 7 different essential nutrients (not to mention the electrolytes). These nutrients play a key part in living a healthy life. To get the best idea of what health benefits you can expect from a bottle of Vitamin Water Formula 50, let's break it down and briefly look at each nutrient by themselves.

C - Is a very unique nutrient in that it also doubles as an antioxidant capable of neutralizing harmful free radicals that can cause cancer, namely of the mouth, throat, stomach, and pancreas. Vit C is also well-known to be a super nutrient that is best used to help boost one's immune system, which in turn helps you heal wounds better, fight infections, and reduce the symptoms and effects of everyday ailments such as the common cold. It's also great for your bones, gums, blood vessels, and helps you absorb another important nutrient called iron.

E - Is one of Vitamin Water Formula 50s claim to fame, seeings how this essential nutrient not only provides some of the best health benefits one can ask for, but it is also one of the hardest nutrients to find in everyday food items. Vit E is exceptionally great at forming and protecting vital cells, but it's also very effective at preventing dreaded ailments such as night blindness, Alzheimer's Disease, cataracts, lung and heart disease, and certain kinds of cancers. This nutrient is different than the others in that it requires a pre-cursor. All you need to do is eat a healthy meal and you can absorb it.

B3 - Provides health benefits like lowering cholesterol, and converting food into energy. Also known as Niacin, B3 is also known to prevent rashes of the face, hands, and feet, and is heavily relied upon for the digestive system and maintaining healthy skin and nerves.

B5 - Or Pantothenic Acid, is very helpful for the formation of many different kinds of hormones. Usually manufactured by your intestinal bacteria, B3 also provides health benefits that allow you to break down and form important fats more efficiently.

B6 - Is great for your metabolism, making it easier for you to break down and metabolize proteins and carbohydrates. Other health benefits of this essential nutrient include regulating the nervous system, aiding in the formation of vital red blood cells, and sometimes even reduces the effects if asthma attacks.

B12 - May protect you against heart disease and nerve damage. Coupled with folic acid, B12 also provides an important health benefit in helping you build nerve and blood cells.

Folic Acid - As mentioned above, folic acid is great for forming nerve and blood cells, especially when working in partnership with B12. Folic acid is also know to reverse anemia and some gastrointestinal problems, and can prevent certain types of cancer. This essential nutrient provides the best health benefits for women who are pregnant, helping to prevent neural tube birth defects.

Is anything in Vitamin Water Formula 50 bad for me?

There is a lot of controversy surrounding Vitamin Water Formula 50 and the other flavors of this popular drink. Some people are suggesting that Vitamin Water Formula 50 is not as good for you as they claim, but the arguements used are filled with holes.

Some people are upset about the fact that there's little to no fruit juice used, but Glaceau never claims that their products are made with juice. They don't even use the word "juice" in their product names. The nutrients used are extracted from fruits and other natural sources.

Another big debate surrounding Vitamin Water Formula 50 is the sugar content in each bottle. It is a common misconception that sugar is bad for you, but this is only true in certain cases. Sugar is essential for transporting certain essential nutrients through the blood stream, and also is great at providing small bursts of energy. If you have diabetes, then Vitamin Water Formula 50 is probably not the best choice of drink. Additionally, if you hardly ever exercise, don't expect to feel the full health benefits of Vitamin Water Formula 50. You need to exercise in order to burn off the sugar. Sugar is only bad for you if you have a medical condition or if you don't exercise often enough to burn it off.

Many people also make the mistake of thinking they can just drink a bottle of Vitamin Water Formula 50 for breakfast and be good to go. Glaceau never claims that any of their nutrient-enhanced drinks are to be used as meal replacements. Besides, in order to get the full health benefits of Vitamin Water Formula 50 and its siblings, you need to eat whole foods with it to help your body absorb the nutrients better, otherwise you may end up expelling them all at your next trip to the bathroom. With all this said, I do believe it is in Glaceau's best interest to mention this on their bottles somewhere.