Vitamin Water ReviveVitamin Water Revive is one of many popular flavors of Glaceau's line of nutritional drinks that have recently come under scrutiny by some people. Many want to know what exactly are the health benefits of Vitamin Water Revive; and with all the latest controversy surrounding all of the flavors, the question of whether or not Vitamin Water Revive is bad for you begs to be answered.

What is Vitamin Water Revive?

Vitamin Water Revive is a fruit punch flavor from Glaceau's line of nutrient-enhanced drinks. The main purpose associated with Vitamin Water Revive is that it's supposed to rejuvenate you, giving you a little boost of motivation and rehydration. Each bottle claims that it provides essential nutrients that can best be put to use to prevent or treat the symptoms of a hangover.

What is in Vitamin Water Revive?

Vitamin Water Revive is a tasty mixture of reverse osmosis H2O, cane sugar and crystalline fructose, natural flavors, citric acid, grape juice (for color), electrolytes like calcium chloride, magnesium chloride, and potassium carbonate, grape skin extract for color, gum arabic, gotu kola extract, American ginseng extract, ester gum, along with the several essential nutrients added in as well. There are 50 calories per 8 ounce serving of Vitamin Water Revive, all of which come from carbohydrates (sugar). You will not find any protein, sodium, fiber, or fat in Vitamin Water Revive either. Here are the nutrients provided along with their daily values:

  • B3 - 20%
  • B5 - 20%
  • B6 - 20%
  • B12 - 20%
  • C - 40%
  • Potassium - 140mg

What are the health benefits of Vitamin Water Revive?

Vitamin Water Revive, as we saw above, contains a pretty hefty mixture of essential nutrients, aimed towards helping you rejuvenate and rehydrate yourself. The best way to find out what kind of health benefits this fruit punch flavored drink provides, let's go over the importance of each nutrient included.

B3 - Also known as Niacin, is great for your skin, nerves, digestive system. The main health benefit for B3 is that it allows you to convert food into energy. It has also been known to prevent rashes on the face, hands, and feet.

B5 - Is usually manufactured by intestinal bacteria. Also known as Pantothenic Acid, it's main health benefits are that it helps you break down and form important fats. B5 is also great for forming hormones, and it's thought that it may prevent certain types of cancer.

B6 - Provides many important health benefits including regulating your nervous system, it aids in forming red blood cells, and sometimes can limit the severity of asthma attack. B6 is also needed for a healthy metabolism, helping you break down protein and carbs more efficiently.

B12 - Is normally found in meat, and it provides a few very nice health benefits that we could all use. B12 is great for building nerve and blood cells, especially when it's working together with it's friend, folic acid. The health benefits of B12 are best for your heart, where it is thought it may protect against heart disease and nerve damage.

C - Is a super nutrient that provides a wide array of health benefits. It's great for your gums, bones, and blood vessels, and also helps you absorb iron more efficiently. It's also really effective at fighting infections, healing wounds, and treating illnesses such as the common cold. Doubling as an antioxidant, it is also thought that Vit C may fight cancer, especially those of the throat, mouth, stomach and pancreas.

Potassium - Is the third most abundant mineral in the human body, and one of the most important of the essential nutrients categorized as minerals. Potassium provides a huge and diverse array of health benefits, including preventing strokes, regulating blood pressure, reducing anxiety and stress, improving metabolism, the nervous system and electrolyte functions. This mineral acts as an electrolyte itself and also provides other health benefits like improving muscle strength and preventing certain heart and kidney ailments.

Is anything in Vitamin Water Revive bad for me?

There is a lot of controversy surrounding not only Vitamin Water Revive, but all of the flavors of Glaceau's popular line of nutrient enhanced drinks. Many people are claiming that Vitamin Water Revive and its sister flavors do not provide as many health benefits as Glaceau claims, and while the claims on the side of the bottle seem to be more about trying to be witty, fun, and clever, people are questioning the validity of them.

One mistake people tend to make is that they think they can drink Vitamin Water Revive instead of eating a real meal. They feel that since there are nutrients in it, it can be used as a meal replacement. This is a bad and unhealthy choice to make, one that Glaceau has never recommended you do.

Another problem is that there are some people upset when they look at the ingredients and see that there is little to no fruit juice being used. For some reason these people assume that since it has nutrients in it, Vitamin Water Revive must have fruit in it. However, Glaceau never claims their drinks are made from fruit juice, and if they did, Glaceau probably would have chosen a better suited name for their products. It is called Vitamin Water Revive, afterall.

One of the big debates surrounding this drink is the sugar content. Many are thrown back at the amount of sugar in one bottle of Vitamin Water Revive, and some people find it hard to believe that you would get any health benefits from a drink with 33g of sugar (per bottle). There is a common misconception among the public that sugar is bad for you. Sugar is only bad for you if you have medical conditions surrounding your blood sugar levels, like diabetes, or if you don't exercise enough to burn the sugar off. As long as you are healthy, and get enough exercise, sugar is harmless and in fact provides several health benefits in itself. Sugar is required to transport many different nutrients through your blood stream, as well as being a good source of temporary energy.

Vitamin Water Revive is not good for everyone, but it's also not bad for everyone either. You can't drink Vitamin Water Revive all day without exercising or eating real food along with it, and expect to feel any health benefits from it. These drinks are best for athletes, and not so much for lazy people or those with diabetes. If you really want to get the best drink with nothing but positive health benefits and tons of essential nutrients, stick to real 100% juices like V8.