Memory Loss Vitamins

I had a great idea for presenting this article but to be truthful I forgot what it was. Based on the title though, I suppose it had something to do with vitamins for memory loss. In researching it (just now) I discovered that a persons short term memory isn't all that long. Really, you and I only hold about six different pieces of information before we decide which will be stored and which will be dismissed. That should be a comfort because the next time you lose your car in the mall parking lot and your wandering around trying to look like you know where your going, you will understand that you didn't think it was worth remembering... I don't know, if you own a car like mine, maybe it's just as well. So just how do you keep from going nuts? I've got a few ideas and if I write them down quick, you may find out what they are.

The Mystery Of The Shrinking Brain

A man's brain weighs in at about three pounds four ounces. A women's brain weighs in at three pounds two ounces. To avoid problems, let me add that this is proportionate and correct for each gender. Your brain is made up of billions of  neurotransmitters that are busy twenty four hours a day processing, refining information for storage, assessing it's use for appropriate social interaction, organizing the necessary energy demands based on your physical activity and provides for the release of dopamine and serotonin in proper mix to keep us emotionally stable. You probably don't remember thinking about this much when you were younger, but now that you have reformed some, healthy life choices are probably starting to seem like a good idea. There is a reason for this. Those billions of neurotransmitters have suffered some collateral damage in your zealous life and the simple fact is you don't process information as well as you used to, in fact your brain is shrinking in a literal, physical measure.

Yikes! Can Nothing Be Done?

Fortunately, if you're reading this loose knit effort at scribing information, you may be able to take some measure of control. Vitamins for memory loss are all about restoring damage caused by free radicals, often referred to as oxidative stress. Think rusty fenders on the car I'm to cheap to replace. There are many different types of vitamins that are extremely beneficial.  They can aid in helping memory loss and defeating a percentage of the shrinkage your brain is experiencing. In fact, they are beneficial for most aspects of your physical well being. Most are safe for mice. If you find the right website you will find eternal youth in a two trillion mg dose of a preferred supplement. Let me make this clear. You need some vitamins for memory loss, but any supplement, vitamin, herb, or medication comes with some cautions. Here are a few. Many pharmaceuticals are derived from plants and many of the herbs and supplements available without license are absolutely as potent. They can reduce the effectiveness of the medications you take or in some cases over dose you. Study anything you take for effect as carefully as you would a prescription. Your doctor already knows your eccentric, so be sure to include him in your plans. It may surprise you to find that he or she may already be using some of the vitamins you are looking into.

My Personal List Of Vitamins For Memory Loss

I don't mean to get to long winded here, but you need to understand that your brain protects itself from as much damage as it can by a blood brain barrier. It allows only select proteins to enter the brain and excludes as much as it can that might be damaging. Simply put, it gets the best stuff and sends the bacteria and such packing. These antioxidants and vitamins cross that blood brain barrier. Vitamin C, pycnogenol, astaxanthin, resveratrol, ginko, bacopa monniera, vitamin E, and B12. There are others but these are in my personal portfolio and stand out from the rest. The number one choice for healthy brain and body function is the probably the least considered. It is vitamin C. Vitamin C has to come from an outside source. Your body does not produce it nor does it store it. It is so important that your body has an order for it's use. The brain, lungs and heart get it first and if there is not enough it depletes the reserves in the rest of your body for their use. Stress, pollutants, alcohol, physical demand, illness, wounds, and trauma all use HUGE amounts of this vitamin. Without it your brain would fry in a matter of minutes. Vitamin C is well tolerated and any excess is excreted as it is water soluble. Taking small doses of vitamin C through the day is good start in maintaining good health.

Each Vitamin Is A Study

There is a lot to be learned before you take vitamins for memory loss. These antioxidants will effect you and studying what each one does is important. Some of these work better in small doses. Most of them will positively effect blood pressure, cholesterol levels, and sugars so if you are taking medications for these make sure your doctor is in the circle with you. While most of these vitamins and supplements are considered safe, your physical make up is unique. Always take small doses until you are comfortable with how your body and mind tolerate them. The instances of problems are rare. Using caution and understanding what each vitamin, herb, or supplement does can help you avoid discomfort. If you are ever unsure about a new choice, always consult a health professional.

Do They Make A Difference?

Many of these antioxidants are the subject of close study. Vitamin B12 used in conjunction with B6 and folic acid has shown some positive mental increases in older people. The reason for this is that as we age the ability to leach necessary B12 from foods is diminished and while it is rare to suffer from a deficiency, marginal intakes from diet is common, especially in older people and vegetarians. OK. The mice are taking lots of antioxidants and vitamins. Your doctor is probably taking more than he or she should. Science can't say for sure they work because there simply is not adequate evidence. I can say for sure because I take plenty of them and I can remember what this article is about as I reach the conclusion. Vitamins for memory loss are an important part of your effort to add many quality years to your life. Remember to take them.