Fight Aging with Vitamins

Everyone is looking for ways to prevent aging.  Whether you are trying to look younger or just feel younger, you are probably looking to be younger.  No one says "gee I wish I was older" unless they are underage and hoping to get into a bar.  Anti-aging products are a billion dollar industry and countless research goes into finding the fountain of youth.  One simple way to both look younger and live longer is to take vitamin supplements.  The vitamin supplements in this article will prevent aging.  If you are looking to live longer, look younger, and fight the aging process, add these vitamin supplements to your daily routine


Take half in the morning, half in the evening

You should take half of a multivitamin twice per day everyday in order to fight the aging process.  The reason you take half of the multivitamin in the morning and half of the multivitamin in the evening is that your body cannot process and absorb all of the vitamins in an average multivitamin at a time.  If you take a whole multivitamin at once, most of those valuable vitamins will likely end up in your urine.  Therefore, only take half of a multivitamin at a time in order to make sure your body fully absorbs all of the vitamins in the multivitamin.

If you are a pre-menopausal woman, make sure that your multivitamin includes iron and 5,000 units of Vitamin A.  If you are a man or a postmenopausal woman, you only need 2,500 units of Vitamin A.

Vitamin D

1,000 units per day

Vitamin D is an vital vitamin and the majority of people are Vitamin D deficient.  Take one Vitamin D supplement every day that includes 1,000 units of Vitamin D.

Calcium with Magnesium

600/200mg twice per day

Twice per day, you should take a supplement that Calcium and Magnesium.  You want to ensure that your Calcium supplement includes Magnesium because Calcium without Magnesium can often cause constipation.  Make sure that your supplement includes at least 600 mg of Calcium and 200 mg of Magnesium.

DHA Omega-3

600 mg once per day

DHA Omega-3 is a fatty acid that is important not only for healthy skin but also for proper brain function.  DHA Omega-3 is a vital supplement to ensuring that you both look younger but also live longer.  You should take a supplement with at least 600 mg of DHA Omega-3 once per day everyday.

Baby Aspirin

81 mg twice per day

Although aspirin is not a vitamin, it is another important supplement/pill that you should take daily in order to live younger.  Aspirin is in many ways a "miracle drug" that is not only a pain reliever but also helps prevent/treat heart attacks, prevents stroke, lowers the risk of cancer, and more!  Be sure to take take an 81mg baby aspirin twice per day for a total of 162 mg.

Simply incorporate these daily vitamins and supplements into your daily routine and you will look younger and live longer!