Vitamins for energy

What are some of the best vitamins out there to increase your energy levels, mental clarity, and alertness? We all hate feeling sluggish and tired, a feeling that is common after lunch settles in and the morning coffee wears off. But what do most of us do? Reach for another cup of coffee (or, worse yet, a soda). Because that’s all we know. Well, after reading this article you should have a few more effective—and healthier—ideas about how to increase your energy levels.

Soda and Energy Drinks

I know, these are not vitamins for energy--I’m just including soda here as a reference point. This is the worst choice possible. Soda will give you a brief burst of energy, because of the caffeine and sugar. But not only will you experience a caffeine crash, you’ll have a sugar crash, too. And to make matters worse, soda leads to obesity, which will definitely lower your energy levels. Grade: F.

Ginseng and Ginkgo Biloba

These two herbs are taken for energy and mental alertness, respectively. Personally, I have never noticed a huge energy gain from them, but they do help a little. There appear to be few side effects, although I wouldn’t recommend taking them all the time without talking to your doctor first. Not a bad option, but they’re just not strong enough to really perk you up. Grade: D.

Coffee and Tea

These represent a step up from soda on the "vitamins for energy" report card. They definitely have enough caffeine to perk you up. And, as long as you don’t fill them with sugar and other crap, they’re also good for you. The downsides are that they can leave you jittery and when their effect runs out, you experience a caffeine crash (aka: major energy downturn). Good options to use in moderation. Grade: C.

Coenzyme Q10

This nutrient is gaining a lot of popularity for its beneficial effects on the cardiovascular system. But what you might not know is that it’s a precursor for energy! Your body needs coenzyme Q10 to make ATP, a basic molecule of cellular energy. You won’t notice a sudden increase in energy, but the effects on your general health and vitality will increase over time. Grade: B.

B Vitamins

Your best bet in the quest for vitamins for energy is probably a good B complex. The B vitamins are heavily involved in metabolism. The next time you pick up an energy drink, check out the contents. Most of these drinks have tons of B vitamins. So why not avoid all the sugar and caffeine and just get the good stuff!

And another reason you should try B vitamins is because our modern, unhealthy diets lead many of us to be deficient in them. So the reason you’re tired in the first place might just be because you don’t have enough B vitamins (especially B12) in your body, making B vitamins my energy vitamin of choice. Energy grade: A.


Thanks for reading about vitamins for energy! You might also be interested in brain vitamins and kelp supplements. Bye!