You may be wondering if it's possible to take vitamins to combat joint pain. It may seem too simple of a solution but it is possible to take vitamins for joint pain. This article will cover a few of the choices available to the consumer.

Researchers today are discovering that a vitamin deficiency can be very chaotic to the body and an individuals overall health. They are finding this to be the case especially with joint pain. When the body lacks certain vitamins it's almost certain a person will encounter health problems. Although this may not be the cause of your joint pain it's certainly a possibility.

Below are some vitamins for joint pain:

- Vitamin C, some experts recommend consuming a large amount of vitamin C daily, for maximum joint support. As tempting as it may be to fulfill this quota through a vitamin C supplement, it's important to remember that it is better to get vitamins through eating foods many fruits are high in vitamin C such as oranges, grapefruits, strawberries and mangos just to list a few options.

- Vitamin B Complex, the family of B vitamins is made up several members. Vitamin B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B9 and B12. If your body has a deficiency in any of these, it could be the cause of your joint pain. Beans, bananas, whole grains and potatoes are all great sources of the B vitamins.

- Vitamin A, if your body is low in vitamin A it can often lead to pain in your joints. If your diet is low in vitamin A, it could be a large source of your joint pain. Thankfully many vegetables such as broccoli, sweet potatoes, spinach and carrots are all very high in vitamin A.

- Essential fatty acids, essential fatty acids are found in many foods such as salmon, nuts, olive oil and flax seeds and have been proven to reduce inflammation, which can in turn lower the amount of pain and swelling in the joints and also provide a greater range of motion. However these must be part of your diet for a few months before you will notice a difference.

There are many other factors that may be causing your joint pain. But your diet is a great place to start when looking for joint pain relief and even if it isn't you will have at least improved your diet which in turn can provide benefits in all aspects of your life.