What's the Difference Between the Pro 300 and 750?

Are you, like many, trying to workout what the 'exact' differences are between the Vitamix 300 and 750? Well if so, this comparison account 'Vitamix 300 Vs 750' will definitely be able to help you out -- as it provides you with a brief overview of the two Vitamix blenders and then highlights in detail where they differ from one another. So without further or do, let's get right to comparing the Vitamix 300 and 750.

Vitamix Pro 300 Versus Pro 750

Both models are released post 2012, so they are both new Vitamix models that are featured in their new range and hence come with all the extra improvements made in comparison to the pre-2012 models. For instance, they have the wider (yet shorter) 64 oz jug size, so it is easier to store the blenders as well as saving on prep time along with making the blenders, they are also much quieter (at an estimated forty percent) than the pre-2012 range and offer a generally superior overall blending performance.

Moreover both the Vitamix Pro 300 and Pro 750 have the manual variable speed setting, where you can alter the speed of the blend (via the frontal dial) with the ultra powerful commercial grade 2 horsepower motors integrated. This allows you to have control and input to try get the right consistency and texture to the food you are blending. 

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How are the Vitamix Pro 300 and Pro 750 Different?

  • Price - perhaps the most obvious factor that separates them, that you have noticed, is that the Pro 750 is a fair bit more expensive than the Pro 300 -- roughly 125 bucks. So the real question for you is, given they are essentially equal in terms of fitted motor, how well they perform etc.  as detailed just above."Do you value the pre-set programs that comes with the Vitamix Pro 750 at an extra $125?"
  • Pre-Set Programs - so you are now probably thinking what are the pre-set programs? Well it is this pretty sophisticated feature that is the only significant factor that separates the Pro 300 and Pro 750 from one another. The pre set programs are basically integrated 'food type' settings that Vitamix have worked out to provide an optimal and consistent outcome through assigning a specific set blending velocity (speed) and period of time for different corresponding food types (hot soups, green smoothies etc.) that you can set via the mechanical dial. Note: like the professional series 300, you can operate it manually as well.
  • Warranty, Cooking Books, DVDs and Manuals - as with all Vitamix blenders, they are designed to last you a life time, this is backed by the fact they offer you a huge 7 seven year warranty coverage program. This also reassures me and should you as well that question of 'is vitamix worth the price or are vitamix worth it?' -- where granted they are pretty darn expensive (especially for a blender), but they are incredibly durable and are proven, time and time again to offer extremely good results and ultimately (both directly and indirectly) your health will benefit from making the investment. Furthermore, with both blenders your are provided with a range of 'getting started manuals', recipe books for dry and wet foods and so on. They tend to differ slightly between the Pro 300 and 750, but not to a great or even significant extent, but it is worth noting.

Should You Buy the Vitamix Professional 300 or 750?

So as stated above, the only real significant difference for you to consider is whether you want the Pre-set programs installed into your blender or not. What the pre set programs essentially allow for in the Professional Series 750 is two huge advantages over the Professional Series 300.

Firstly you won't have to keep referring to a recipe book to make sure you have the 'right blending speed' and 'right blending duration', you can simply turn it to the dial and it will do the rest. Second, it is entirely automatic, this means instead of standing with the pro 300 to wait until it has finished blending, with the vitamix 750 you can instead walk off and do something else and wait until its finished for you to come back to it.

In all, its clear that it just makes the whole blending process much more convenient and for me, this makes the extra $125 for the Pro 750 more than justified and the overall winner in the Vitamix 300 Vs 750.