What is the Difference Between the Vitamix 5200 and 6300?

So like the many you have seen the "awesome way" of Vitamix blenders and now it is simply a case of 'which to buy' -- and (presumably) you have specifically narrowed it down to either the Vitamix 5200 or 6300 (or you are simply looking/researching to see what actually are the difference between them)?

Well if so this guide "Vitamix 5200 Versus 6300" is here to help you do just that -- we are going to compare each appliance feature-by-feature, aspect-by-aspect, attribute-by-attribute and from this you will see that despite the Vitamix 6300 coming with 'better features', offering more in the ways of practicality --  you should actually buy the Vitamix 5200 over the 6300, every... single... time. Ok let's get to it.

Motors & Blades

Both the Vitamix 5200 as well as the Vitamix 6300 come with the exact same "commercial standard" 2 horsepower motor that is capable of producing a variable speed between that of 11 miles per hour to a whopping 240 miles per hour. They claim that the Vitamix blenders are able to extract THREE times the nutritional 'goodness' as your standard blender. You will they offer 3 inch stainless steel blades 'wet' & 'dry' set.

Vitamix 5200 Series Blender
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(price as of May 9, 2014)

Design, Finish and Structure

You also may have noticed already that they look pretty much identical... and you would be right. They both take on a similar weight of 10 lbs and have the same base structure with dimensions of 20.5 x 17 x 9 inches and are available in the same range of colors (red, black & white). There are two very subtle differences in truth, which we will touch on just below.

Super Tough, Incredible Durable -- Wide -- Plastic Canisters

The Vitamix 5200 & Vitamix 6300 also come with the same sets of wide canisters so you can fit most ingredients in there without having to prep them beforehand like with other blenders, nor do you need to implement different attachments for different food types you want to prepare. Everything you need is right here, baby.

What you get is a 64 oz 'wet based' canister, this is the one you will be using mostly for creating smoothies, hot soups etc. and then you get a smaller 32 oz 'dry based' canister which is for your nuts, your wheat, your soy beans getting mixed with flour etc.

So What 'Actually' is the Difference Between the Vitamix 5200 & 6300?

It is all to do with the dial mechanism they work on. 

With the 5200 model, it is all manual so the dial you see on the front is to determine the speed that it goes at, you yourself have to time how long the ingredients are to be blended for & what you're intending to make (that's all super easy, you just follow a simple recipe that's provided in an array of cook books Vitamix provide with each of their blenders).

Here, is where the difference lies -- with the 6300, the dial turns to 'three pre-set programs' these are time period settings & velocity settings that are 'pre-programmed' for different food types: one for hot soups, one for smoothies etc. The idea being that you don't have to be there with the blender waiting for it to all happen, everything is just automatic.

Another small difference is that the Vitamix 6300 comes with a master turn off switch feature (with LED light)

So Why Does the 5200 Win?

Three reasons. 

First. It is way cheaper than the  6300, by around $150 (you can compare the prices above) & I don't think that is entirely justified, just because of the pre-set programs.

Second. The pre-set programs as you will find in some of the reviews with the Vitamix 6300 actually aren't all that great, you will often have to do some extra blending to get the right texture and smoothness -- which almost makes the programs put in place, somewhat redundant. 

Third. With tests being carried out, you will find for some unknown reason -- that the 5200 just blends better than the Vitamix 6300, it definitely has a better end produce and finish to it. Why? We honestly don't know, given they have the same blades integrated, same motor, same everything pretty much.

Final Thoughts on 5200 Versus 6300

So because the 5200 offers better value for money (i.e it is cheaper) and is actually the better blender, there is no question for us... that this is the model you should be going for. 

If you have any questions, general remarks or concerns with regards to the comparison overview of the Vitamix 5200 Vs 6300, then please make them in the comments section below and we will be sure to get back to you as soon as possible.