Healthy Ice Cream

With the idea in mind to find Vitamix ice cream recipes I could try myself and to discover ways to make healthy ice cream, I thought I'd share some frozen treat ideas and some Vitamix ice cream recipes that can be made in a matter of minutes with a Vitamix blender.

I have also included some tips and videos to demonstrate just how quick and easy it is to make frozen desserts in a Vitamix and that it is possible to make a healthy ice cream that is also delicious. 

Some of the below recipes are vegan, too, for those who prefer non-dairy ice creams. Some recipes call for soy milk or dry milk. Other helpful ingredients for chocolate ice cream includes using cacao powder.

For a simple Peach Soy Sherbert, for instance, only a few ingredients are required.

1 cup of soy milk
1/4 cup of sugar
1/2 tsp of vanilla extract
1 lb of frozen peaches

Reasons to Make Vitamix Ice Cream Recipes

The best reason to make ice cream in your Vitamix is to make homemade and healthy ice cream. Of course, we all have our favorite store-bought ice creams. I love Ben and Jerry’s Vanilla ice cream but seldom indulge in buying this treat because of the high fat content this wonderful ice cream contains.

Another excellent reason to make any Vitamix ice cream recipe is that ice cream, sorbet, frozen yogurt and many other icy-cold treats can be made on demand and in minutes. There is no need to drive to the store just to get ice cream if you suddenly want a frozen dessert and you already have a few simple ingredients on  hand like frozen fruit and half and half.

Nor, do you need an ice cream maker or a freezer to make these ice cream recipes.  Simply add the required ingredients to your Vitamix and blend. Wait for the four mounds to appear and your healthy ice cream
is ready. If any Vitmix recipe calls for almond milk, you can also make this fresh in your Vitamix blender with just a cup of raw almonds.

Hints for Making Ice Cream in a Vitamix

Freeze fruits like bananas or liquid ingredients like half and half ahead of time in ice cube trays. Frozen fruits, ice cubes or frozen cubes of half and half are primary ingredients for many Vitamix ice cream recipes.

I also like to use frozen yogurt in my own recipes at home.

  1. Use your tamper to push frozen cubes and any pieces of frozen fruits into the blade. Remember the collar of the tamper won’t allow it to touch the blades.
  2. Expect the sound of the Vitamix motor to change just prior to the finish of  frozen blended treats in the Vitamix. Look for the four mounds to appear to let you know that your dessert is ready.
  3. Don’t expect a Häagen-Dazs or a Ben and Jerry’s ice cream experience. Your healthy ice cream is not going to taste the same as these brands as they will not contain the dairy products, stabilizers and other additives found in most store-bought ice creams.
  4. Ice creams made in the Vitamix may more closely resemble sorbet but using half and half in recipes adds creaminess and makes these recipes more like ice cream.
  5. Don't over process Vitamix ice creams or they will melt.
  6. Ejoy your heathy ice cream and experiment with your own flavor combinations.
  7. Add or decrease the fruit less sugar or to suit your own tastes and weight-management and dietary regimens.
  8. Any leftovers will freeze solid in the freezer so you might need to defrost slightly for eating at a later time.

VitaMix Avo Coffee Sinful Soft Serve

Healthy Ice Cream - Another recipe from

I am a huge fan of Jane’s Blend It and Mend it website and blog. She has lots of wonderful and tasty recipes. I have tried some and there are many others that I have yet to try. I am still a very new Vitamix owner.

I also love Jane's how-to videos and recipe clips. They are well made, simple to follow and she offer great ideas and the occasional ingredient substitute if you don’t have just the right one on hand.

Good general nutritional information can also be found in her videos and on her site despite the fact that she is not a doctor. Jane cautions often that she is not offering medical advice but rather information and recipes that are tasty and fast. All her recipes use healthy and whole, nutrient-dense foods. Isn't that why most people buy a Vitamix?

This coffee soft serve Vitamix Ice cream is my favorite. It is such a good ice cream. It’s hard to believe that you can make such good ice cream with an avocado! I love coffee and avocados so this is one of my favorites to make.

Recipe ingredients for this frozen treat include an avocado, frozen bananas, dates sweetened with coconut water, instant coffee, hemp powder and cold water and a few ice cubes. Watch Jane's video for specified ingredient amounts. More of Jane's healthy Vitamix recipes and videos can also be found on the Blend It and Mend It YouTube channel and on Jane's terrific website -Blend It and Mend

Jane's site also has protocols for drinking your greens. She offers free downloads on her website. For joining her mailing list, you will receive a free e-book with her top 3 green ice cream recipes.

VitaMix Anti Aging Chocolate Cherry Soft Serve

Any Berry Will Do!

Personally, I am not a fan of cherries or cherry anything so I use frozen strawberries or raspberries in this recipe as a substitute. I love raspberries and chocolate. They are such a delicious combination of flavors.

What's your favorite ice cream flavor? What will you try in your Vitamix ice cream recipe? If you don't own a Vitamix, these videos can help you learn about these machines and how to operate them as well as what recipe possiblities are open to anyone who buys a Vitamix.

A key tip to remember. Berries are low on the glycemic index of lower sugar containing foods. If you are concerned about the sugar content in any recipe, and for desserts in particular, why not add some greek yogurt into to your own creation or decrease the fruit content to suit your own dietary needs? If you add yogurt to your frozen dessert, it slows digestion and the flow of glucose into the bloodstream.

This Vitamix ice cream recipe that Jane demonstrates includes frozen cherries, raw cashews and Jane's frozen Nector of the Gods (NOG) sweetener. To make her Jane's recipe soak medjool dates in coconut or plain water and freeze this mixture for use in many recipes.

See Jane's website for further details and other helpful how-to videos and many more amazing-looking Vitamix recipes. I can't wait to try more of Jane's recipes which include soups, smothies and beauty waters too. There are also many recipes in the Vitamix recipe book which came with my Vitamix 5200, that I also have yet to try.

Vita-Mix Lady - Ice Cream Demonstration

The Vitamix Lady (now BlenderLady) Enjoys Sharing Great Recipes Ideas

Avoid harmful additives and unhealthy preservatives found in many ice creams. Try the BlenderLady's strawberry ice cream with some of the five magic foods Lea Ann Savage, mentions in her Vitamix ice cream demo clip above.

If you have not tried making ice cream with your Vitamix why not try one with your own choices of all natural ingredients and with ingredients that are all good for your health?

Of course, you have to put only healthy ingredients into your frozen concoction. It’s simple and easy with the Vitamix and you don’t need a freezer or any other kitchen appliance like an ice cream maker to make ice cream.

What will you create and what vegetables will you be hiding in your dessserts? The options before you are endless.

Recipe ingredients for this strawberry ice cream demonstrated by Lea Ann include vanilla, protein powder, frozen strawberries, grape juice concentrate, and portions of some of the five magic foods Lea Ann Savage mentions in her video demonstration. See her excellent and informative demonstration above. Listen for her recipe subsitutions for other flavors of Vitamix ice cream recipes to make, yourself, at home.

Lea Ann also has her own website,  Lea Ann also generously shares her knowledge in a Yahoo group she moderates and runs. The group is called

Both Lea Ann and Jane can use their respective discount codes to help potential Vitamix buyers buy a Vitamix with a free shipping discount. If you have not already bought a Vitamix, these ladies both offer terrific and informative recipe ideas and creations on their websites. You can also join their free membership sites and forum communities. Both these ladies contribute a great deal of information, recipes and their own practical experience using their Vitamix blenders to other Vitamix users and to their respective communities.

You will need to register on both sites and forums to post comments, questions and to and share your own Vitamix recipe ideas.

Make Your Own Vitamix Ice Cream Recipes

Are you salivating yet at the thought of making any one of these Vitamix ice cream recipes yet? Which one will you try to make at home for yourself or your familiy? Any one of these recipes will help you and your loved ones make healthy ice cream to enjoy and savor. It's super easy and fun to do with a Vitamix.

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