Vizio Plasma TV is one of the many products Vizio has to offer. The company ventures in LCD television as well as in the newest trend in town which is the plasma television.

Vizio offers quality products of LCD television but if you must have a plasma TV, it can also provide you with the best. The name Vizio is also known as one of the competitive manufacturers of plasma television these days.

The launched of the all new Vizio Plasma TV P42 HDTV stirred up some noise with its offer as the best value you'll ever get in the market. Vizio P42 HDTV offers the consumers with it superb picture display in high definition setting at the best value.

The widescreen of Vizio P42 HDTV measures 42 inches with the provision of 10,000:1 contrast ratio just like its award winning big brother the Vizio P50 HDM.

Other important features of Vizio Plasma TV include the 1200 cd/m2 improved brightness panel and its 231 billion colors. With these features you'll get real-life features, sharper images and more defined multi-colored pictures.

You can enjoy watching your favorite show as if they're just outside your window. So life-like you'll have a hard time pointing out the difference.

The Vizio Plasma TV also has HDMI, A/V and Component inputs including a standard tuner for NTSC and a supporting ATSC which is an off-the-air tuner for HD. It also has a clear digital cable or QAM that supports the format of 480p, 720p and 1080i.

With Vizio you'll be amazed with the value which plasma televisions are offered. Now with the help of Vizio P42 HDTV, you and your family can start experiencing new heights with your home viewing.

Imagine experiencing high quality home theater experience right inside your very home with a very affordable price. That's one way to start living better.

Vizio P42 HDTV offers brilliant colors and deep blacks. With the very high contrast ratio feature that reaches up to 10,000:1, you can expect total enjoyment with every program you'll watch.

The VCV or the Vizio Color Vision and it 2331 billion color feature ensures quality images with the real-life and more vivid pictures.

The product also offers integrated television tuner that allows you to enjoy regular television programs in high definition setting even if you are not paying for high definition service.

The TruSurround XT audio system offered by Vizio Plasma TV, adds technologies that allows the enhancement of your audio system that will complete your home theater experience with 2 integrated speakers.

With the market full of the best plasma TVs, choosing the perfect plasma television can be a tough job, but with Vizio P42 HDTV out in the market, you have it made. You can now enjoy the "ultimate home theater experience".