For those who are tired of paying a lot of their hard earned money to the big name telephone companies for long distance, voip technology may be just what you are looking for in order to be able to get rid of the traditional type of telephone services. All you need is a high speed internet connection such as cable or broadband and a voip adapter. In order to be able to get Voice over Internet Protocol all you need to do is purchase a voip phone adapter to connect your telephone to your computer's internet connection.

The only down fall to this new and improved technology is that you may have to purchase new phones. Traditional phones work off of an analogue electrical signal that reproduces a person's voice at each end of the call. A voip telephone works by digitizing your voice and then it is packed into digital packets that are sent across the internet and once they reach their destination they are decoded back into voice in order for the call to go through.

The voip phone adapters act line a translator and takes the electrical analogue signal in on one side and then outputs digital packets out on the other end of the call. In order to be able to get plugged into your computer so it will be connected to your cable or broadband connection you will need a usb voip adapter. The voip telephone adapter plugs into the usb port of your computer or laptop. For people or businesses who have to make a lot of long distance or international phone calls the voip phone adapters connected to their broadband or cable connection can save a lot of money for the user because this type of phone service is type of service does not require a dedicated phone line between point a and point b like that of traditional phone services. You probably pay for internet service, but making voip calls is essentially free once you have an internet connection.

The wireless voip adapter will give you data support as well as voice support at the same time. The basic wireless voip telephones will let you program them for use in business or the home applications through their LCD display. The most popular voip adapter is the Linksys voip adapter. Linksys is a division of a company called Cisco Systems which manufacture these popular adapters. This new and innovative technology will allow you to get rid of that expensive traditional telephone service you are tired of paying for and offer you the same quality phone calls and features of traditional phone services. Voip is just as portable as you cell phone is because it can be plugged into any cable or broadband connection so you will be able to receive or make calls any where you are while using the same phone number no matter the location. The features in a voip plan include voicemails, call waiting, call forwarding, and free long distance across the United States and even in some other countries. Check it out and you will be happy you did and so will your budget.