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The best way to take perfect meeting notes for any Salesperson or Business professional is by using Tape-a-Talk for Android, a voice recording application available through Android Market. Like many of you out there, I have a regular need to take good meeting notes, whether during a sales call or an internal session, but have abysmal hand writing. I’ve struggled with this over time and developed some skill at capturing key phrases in a chicken-scratch shorthand, but always seem to miss something. That all changed when I got my Samsung 7” Galaxy Tab from T-Mobile and found the Tape-a-Talk app.

I carry the Galaxy Tab into every meeting. It’s a wonderful presentation tool in a one-on-one setting, allowing you to show web pages, pull up .pdf files and run YouTube videos.  Because of it’s convenient size, it will fit in my suit’s inside jacket pocket, and it’s unobtrusive to just lay it out on the table in front of me during the meeting or sales presentation. But it’s the Tape-a-Talk voice recording application that has been the most useful.

Using Tape-a-Talk is simple, thanks to publisher Markus Drosser. Simply download the software; it’s free, onto your Android device. You could use the new HTC Galaxy 4S, or my own G2 phone, but I much prefer the Galaxy Tab. When I walk into a meeting and lay the Galaxy Tablet on the table, still with the leather case closed, no one bats an eye. If I lay my cell phone on the table it would seem like I’m expecting a call or e-mail that’s more important than what’s going on now..not a good impression. I usually launch the application while I’m waiting in the lobby, or prepping the room for the meeting, by that simple single tap anyone can do. Then I challenge anyone in North America NOT to know what comes next; Push the record button to get it started! Hit the Home or Back buttons on your tablet, and Tape-a-Talk runs in the background. You can still use the Samsung Galaxy to show videos or anything else if you want to. If not, just close your case and keep the Tablet out on the table. I’ve recorded at several meetings of more than 45 minutes and could hear everything – the audio quality is outstanding. I don’t have to worry about taking notes, writing down Q&A or action items or misremembering an important point. It’s come in very handy and allowed me to do some very custom follow up. For example, during one sales call the prospect mentioned she like a few specific kinds of Tea and I just could not understand the note I made, so I replayed the meeting and will be sending her a small bag of her favorite as a thank you. The best part was using my finger to simply fast forward and listen for the right information.

A few people I’ve spoken to have raised some legal and ethical concerns about taping a meeting without notifying the participants. Since I’m not publishing or transmitting the .wav file created by the voice recording software, I view it the same as if I could take perfect notes, or had a perfect memory.  However, it is the law in many states that you notify all the participants in an in-person or phone meeting that they will be recorded and get their consent. My recommendation is to do as I do and ask if anyone minds if you record some notes, I haven’t had a no yet.

I absolutely recommend Tape-a-Talk on the Samsung Galaxy Tablet.

Tape-a-Talk for Android

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