If you have ever been to Sunday School, you have heard the story of Adam and Eve and the problems created by their disobedience to God. The real question is however how did you hear the voice of God in the story? Most people go through life, even as a Christian assuming that the voice of God at that particular moment was filled at least with anger, and some even assume loathing. The problem is, we were not there to hear his voice, however if you draw on the actions of God and what he said to the couple, you may get a clearer picture of how his voice sounded.


In case you have not heard the story or forgotten part of it, here is a brief overview of what had happened. (Genesis Chapter 3)

· God created everything and set in the perfect garden one single tree that Adam and Eve were never to eat from.

· Satan came in the form of a serpent to tempt them to eat.

· Eve took the fruit, ate it and then gave some to Adam

· The two instantly were embarrassed about the nakedness and sought to cover themselves with fig leaves.

· Adam and Eve attempt to hide from God.

· God expels them from the garden with a list of hardships they now must endure.

At this point in the verses, most people get the idea that God was very angry. They may even assume that God was shouting at them. Perhaps our view of God comes in part from experiences we have had with our earthly parents. Nevertheless, if you read the text in its entirety you may get another feel for what God was saying to Adam and Eve.

By the end of chapter three all that will come of the disobedience has been laid out. Man will toil to eat, woman will toil in childbirth and the end of their days will be to return to the dust from which they were formed. However this is not a complete picture of all that transpired between God and his children. Look to verse 21 for more possibilities, in this verse God created clothing to cover Adam and Eve. This speaks volumes to me as a Christian.

God had just laid out for them the pattern of their life from this point forward. It seems to me that it would have been a simple thing for him, if he were enraged with them, to give them instructions for making clothing as well. Think about that for a moment, God of the Universe just made Adam and Eve proper attire! It could be a type and shadow of the blood sacrifice that would be necessary to cover mans sins later, but it is also an immediate act of love. Even though they had full control over their circumstances, God still intervened and covered their nakedness.

Even the act of removing them from the Garden of Eden can be seen as an act of loving kindness when you consider the alternative. Adam and Eve had sinned against God, which meant separation from him. Could it be that removing them from the garden was meant to prevent this from becoming a permanent situation? God said in verse 22 . "Lest he take from the tree of life and live forever." Would that have been an eternal life separated from fellowship with God? If Adam and Eve had eaten from this tree and become immortal, how would they have ever entered heaven?

We will not know this side of heaven the true tone of God's voice as these things transpired so long ago. But if you look at the actions of God, you can see even in discipline his unfailing love for his creation.