Using Voice to Text Software Technology to Increase Your Productivity

Voice to text software is special technology that converts the spoken word into written text on a computer or smart phone. The potential benefit of this software is tremendous depending on the application you wish to use it for. Many online article writers already leverage the power of voice to text software to more quickly and easily convert their thoughts to usable text and copy much more quickly than they would be able to type it out. There are several different kinds of voice to text software - some you can download and start using for free, and some premium voice to text software requires you make a significant purchase upfront in order to begin downloading, installing and using the product. This technology has come a long way in the past decade, but it is still not perfect. Successful use of software that converts the spoken word into text can necessitate that you're patient during an intial calibration stage wherein the software begins to learn your vocal patterns. During this time, you may notice your voice dictation software making a large number of errors and sometimes you may even be tempted to scrap the entire idea. However, you will notice that once your voice to text software becomes comfortable with the idiosyncracies of your speaking manner and pronunciation, it will begin delivering more reliable text copy with less and less errors.

Great Applications for Voice to Text Software

There are many types of businesses and individuals that can benefit from using voice to text software. If you have any difficulties with seeing a keyboard, typing accurately on the small keys, reading tiny text or if you simply produce a tremendous amount of content per day and you get tired and sore from the repetitive motion of typing, you can benefit from voice to text software.

Many people that have disabilities or repetitive stress injuries like carpal tunnel syndrome love using voice to text software as opposed to hammering the keyboard physically. Meanwhile, people with reduced vision problems, or varying degrees of blindness can greatly benefit from voice to text software because they can write emails and messages to their friends and family regardless of their disability. If you use a reading program that will speak text back to you in conjunction, you can effectively learn to use a computer and read and write messages even if you can't see at all.

Even if you have no disabilities at all, you may still find voice to text software a helpful and comfort-promoting tool as you work on your internet and computer projects. Sometimes it's a nice motivator to know that you can lean back in your chair and simply dictate your content to your computer which will handle converting it into text. If you have a lot of content you need to produce for a website project but you can't quite get youtself excited about the prospect of hammering on the keyboard for several hours straight, try sitting back, putting your feet up, and dictating your content as quickly as it occurs to you and marvel at how your project flies by effortlessly. Before you know it, you'll be done!