Before you lock yourself into a multi-year policy like Voipo offers, you need to do your research. Unfortunately, It can be really hard to find good, customer reviews on the internet.

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For this article, I have taken a "curated" approach where I pull in the most helpful customer reviews on the internet together into one place.

One of the things I love about Voipo is their transparency. They maintain their own forums so that members can support each other -- or vent publicly -- when things go wrong. Their CEO, Timothy Dick, has run multiple online companies, and enjoys targeting and correcting complaints. However he also publicly responds even when the error is the customer's fault, and explains publicly when there is nothing more Voipo can do.

Reading these discussions have helped boost my faith in the company. They truly want to do what's best for the company image... but they won't let themselves be taken advantage of.

Voipo appears to be a company that is going to stick around for awhile. Here are some reviews to help you decide if it is a good fit for you.

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Women Writing Voipo Review

"...I signed up in December and I think the service is great. I would recommend VOIPo to anyone interested in a VOIP solution. It is really simple to use and comes with a lot of cool features. The support team and staff have been very quick to resolve any issues that have come up and the quality of the calls is as good as if not better than my plain old telephone line was...." source:

"I had VOIPo for 4 years. Had a lot of tech issues the first year. I continued to be plagued by intermittent service issues throughout the time I had the service. We were using VOIPo as our primary phone line and so many times I would try to call home in the morning from work and the call would not go threw. They of course would always fix it but due to it occurring so much much I was forced to switch to another phone provider for reliability. Frankly I was tired of contacting support to have things fixed. My wife was tired of messing with it. I hung on to VOIPo hoping eventually it would improve and I could switch back to using them as my primary line. ...Disconnecting the service was not too difficult.... source:

"I have had VoIPo as my primary home phone service for a little over three months at this point. They have been solid right from the start...." source:

"The quality is clear and you can't beat the savings. I called tech support for some help with set up and they were prompt and polite. I had a wireless router I initally couldn't set up with on my own but they walked me through it with some pretty simple steps. Do reccommend." source:

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Voipo Features

- Caller ID
- Call Waiting
- 3 Way Calling
- Advanced Voicemail
- Online Call History
- Online Voicemail
- Contacts
- Custom Caller ID
- Custom Call Routing
- Call Forwarding
- Outbound Call Routing
- Failover
- E911
- Telemarketer Block
- Do Not Disturb