Volleyball training equipment

Every coach wants an incredible team with high precision game play and outstanding performance in every game. All this requires a great deal of hard work, perseverance and effective combination of the right volleyball training equipment. They are time saving and they build a better team in a short time. Asides from the basic work out exercise and gym facilities provided by a volleyball club, every team needs a perfect training set for indoor and outdoor use. Thanks to technology, different types of kits are now available for use, giving solid preparation for the required skills in any environment.


A happy coach makes a happy team and stress reduction is the remedy for an adequate supervision. In a training session, it is necessary to pitch balls every now and then and this can be done very easily with a pitching machine. There are energy-saving and air- driven systems that deliver fast and precise tosses to all angles. The price of one is about $4000.


The essence of all skills combined is to serve the ball into the net and the more often this happens the higher the chances of winning. Ball retrieving devices are good for this purpose and any type of setting can be done on them. The target reduction types also assist players in perfecting passing skills. It costs $70.

Setting gloves work by teaching the wearer to concentrate on the fingers and not the palms. A button is attached to the upper surface of the palm and the ball goes the wrong way whenever there is a contact with it. Normally, the player will always want to stop this from happening here by acquiring a conditioned reflex over time. It improves setting skills and can be bought for $17.


An attack if well driven, can achieve adequate results. Good players should learn different spiking positions during training sessions to master all angles. A spiking tool consists of a long pole and a net that holds the ball in place while an individual maneuvers around it during practice. It is available in stores at $100.

Another spiking tool is one that improves the techniques for jumping and the extension of arm .It can be purchased for $300.

Foam pads can be placed at strategic locations so that players can learn how to hit to any spot. The price is $45

Net extenders allow players to practice spiking and attacking skills in a specified space directly above the net. They cost about $20.


Digging equipment should keep the player in an assumed position while attempting to hit the ball back up. It consists of a telescope and practice balls. It costs $150.


Adjustable, light weight elastic bands can be wound around the wrist to prevent extreme upward hand movement. The price is about $23 for a pair.

Blocking tools:

Players must practice passing balls between, over and around obstacles with the use of a pole/block attacking equipment. It costs about $400.


Net barriers are used to keep players from stepping on balls and falling over balls on the floor during training sessions. Price-$160

Other useful equipment:

Platforms- It is advised to purchase the free standing, movable types for coach supervision.

Volleyball carriages- racks, carts, duffle bags, nets and cages keep balls neatly packed.