Voltaren tabsPeople have been taking Voltaren (Generic name Diclofenac) for years without realizing the risks to their health and body. If you have any of these problems when taking Voltaren then seek immediate medical advice.

Like many other people we have taken Voltaren or Diclofenac for many years. It was only after speaking to a new doctor that we decided to seek out more information on the effects and symptoms to look for when using it for prolonged times. We both have bad backs and found that Voltaren relaxed the muscles. This has helped offer us relief from some of the pain.

We tend to take things for granted when a doctor prescribes them. But quite often through various reasons we move about the countryside and change medical practitioners so that our medical history gets lost in the process. Often not thinking about how medications will have affected our bodies throughout the years.

It is up to each individual to make sure this information is passed on to the new doctor. If we do not give them this information, you cannot expect them to know how or what the ramifications will be for us.

Be aware of these symptoms

If you have any chest pain, shortness of breath, circulation or heart problems, slurred speech or any balance or vision problems then seek medical advice immediately. Older seniors should be extra careful if you see signs of any blood in your stools or cough up blood. Immediately ring your doctor, do not put it off. This medication can cause serious changes to your stomach and intestines, which can cause fatal complications without any warnings.

Tell your doctor if you are pregnant as Voltaren could affect an unborn child. Do not take it if you are breastfeeding without approval from your doctor.

Things to avoid

· Always ask your pharmacist before taking any cold or allergy tablets with Voltaren.

· Avoid consuming any alcohol while on this medication.

· Avoid exposure to artificial UV rays or sunlight

· Avoid taking more than prescribed

Voltaren may affect your body, making you more likely to burn easier from sunlight.

Take only under doctor's advice

Notify your doctor if you have any of the following conditions before taking Voltaren

· Heart problems or high blood pressure

· Kidney or liver disease

· Asthma

· Bleeding or blood clotting

· Family history of stroke

· Smoke

· Polyps

· Bleeding or stomach ulcers

Voltaren and its possible side effects

· Swelling or rapid weight gain

· Problems with urinating, discolored urine

· Stomach pain, loss of appetite, jaundice yellow eyes, nausea

· Sore throat, skin peeling, skin rash

· Headaches and fever, muscle weakness

Minor side effects

· Ringing in ears

· Blurred vision

· Skin irritation

· Dizziness and headaches

· Gas or bloating

Advise your doctor if you are taking any of these other drugs:

· Cyclosporine

· Lithium

· Methotrexate

· Diuretics

· Blood thinners like warfarin

· Steroids or inhibitors like benazepril

Other forms of Voltaren

Voltaren comes in many forms 25mg, 50mg, 75 mg XR100mg.and Gel

Voltaren gel

Voltaren Gel

This is also used to help reduce the pain for osteoarthritis. Tests have showed that it has reduced the pain for many sufferers with joint and muscle pain.

The same applies to this medication as with the Voltaren tablet medications. Beware of the side effects and symptoms that this medication can have on our bodies.

Contact your doctor or pharmacist for more information and keep all medication up high and out of reach from children.