Curvy petites can dress with style.

There was a time I had great difficulty finding clothing off the rack that fit properly, not to mention finding attire that was attractive.  However, thanks to the recent increase in the production of custom sizes, such as petite lines, it has become much easier to put together great outfits.  In fact, I relish the challenge and embrace the creativity required to look really sharp.  You see, I am 5'1", have a D cup size and an ample caboose.  I am voluptuously petite!

I absolutely love my curves - they remind me of the nudes painted in times past.  But, of course it isn't surprising that the predominant goal of a voluptuously petite woman in today's society, no matter how proud she is of her curves, is to attain a longer, leaner look.  Below are a few key points that I follow to keep me looking marvelously and deceivingly slender! 

First of all, now that petite sizes are much more easily found in department and specialty stores, I am sure to take advantage of them!  Designers often create their best selling styles in tall, regular and petite sizes these days, so you can surely find fun and trendy apparel no matter your shape.  If you are under 5'4", most likely the proportioned sizing of petite clothing (shorter sleeves, shorter hems, narrower shoulders, etc.) will be flattering to you and you will not have to alter them much or at all.  

In addition, a curvy petite woman can look inches taller and 10 lbs leaner by simply dressing all in one color or similar color tones.  This does not mean the shade must be black or even dark for that matter - dressing solely in any shade within your flattering color palette will lengthen the body. Also, don't visually cut your body in half by adding a contrasting belt - keep belts in the same color family as well! 

A design that is particularly becoming to a voluptuous petite is the V neck.  A V neck draws the eye in a vertical line while lengthening the neck.  It also naturally enhances a full bust without over-accentuating it. Layering V necks is also quite attractive to full figured women of short stature.

Straight leg (not skinny) trousers and jeans are also a friend of the full figured petite.  The full design of a true straight leg will smoothly skim over an ample rump and thick thighs in a continuous line reaching down to the heel of the shoes. For best results to adding the illusion of length to your frame, be certain the hem of your slacks does not touch, but is indeed very close to the ground.

Speaking of shoes, no matter the current ballet flat trend, voluptuous petites look most attractive in heels of  at least 2 inches in height.  Wearing pointed toe shoes of the same or complimentary shade of your trousers, tights or pantyhose will also continue the uninterrupted line required to give your shorter legs a lean look.   

Designers are beginning to gently embrace all shapes and sizes of women and consequently, so is the general public!  With the abundance of stylish, custom clothing available and by incorporating a few key tips above, a voluptuous petite can certainly have a starring role in any of today's fashion shows!