The Vtech InnoTab 2 has already become one of the buzz worthy toys that people are rushing out to get. It takes the original InnoTab and upgrades it to make it something that is even better. It is one of those toys that you are going to be happy that you purchased.


What is the InnoTab2


Vtech InnoTab 2 is a childrens tablet that has many of the fun functions of the adult version with the durability that will stand up to hours of play time. Many parents have been tempted to purchase an Ipad or Kindle Fire for their child. This is because they are portable ways of entertaining them.


The problem arises when one of these adult tablets gets dropped or knocked around too much. The expensive toy is now a useless piece of junk. Instead of letting this happen, you can opt for one of the childrens versions. The two most popular are the InnoTab 2 and LeapPad.


Both of these toys are made by two of the top toy manufacturers out there. This makes them some of the best toys that you can get for your child. They will be well made and be entertaining as well as educational.


Design of the Vtech InnoTab 2


Now when it comes to looking at this tablet, the first thing that you are going to take notice of is the design. The first thing is how well laid out are the buttons and will they be easy enough for youngsters to use. The buttons on this Vtech toy are bright and large enough for the recommended age groups to use easily. They are also in a very simple to use lay out.


The rubber tip corners on this toy are a nice add on. They help to soften the impact from falling off a bed or couch. This is a good thing because you know that these things will happen. This toy is not too heavy but it is sturdy. It will hold up to hours of play and make sure that your child does not have to treat it like it was made of glass.




This is what every would be buyer of the Vtech Innotab 2 wants to know besides where they can get a good deal on it. Very important is that the games from the original version of this toy will work on the upgraded model. There are also many ebooks, games, apps, and music that can be downloaded on this tablet.


This model has a 5 inch touch screen that can be used by finger tip or the stylus that is included in the box. There is a camera that can be tilted in multiple directions that can take pictures and videos. There is also a built in microphone so those videos can include sound.


InnoTab 2 has an internal 2 GB of memory that will allow a secure WI-FI connection that can make downloading all of the fun that this toy is capable easy.


InnoTab Tablet Out of the Box


Out of the box this toy can be played with right away. This can be a very important aspect if you have not picked up one of the many available games yet.


  • 1 ebook
  • Art Studio
  • MP3 Player
  • Photo App
  •  1 Reality Game
  • Calendar and Calculator


The Vtech InnoTab 2 is truly a great electronic toy to purchase for any child in your life. It has many of the cool features of an adult tablet. There are many different educational and entertaining games and apps to keep a child occupied for hours. This is not a toy that will sit on the counter and collect dust. So make sure to order yours today to get the best deals possible.

Vtech InnoTab 2
Credit: Amazon