The Vtech Innotab 2 is quickly becoming one of the top selling children’s tablets on the market. Many parent love the way that it combine education and hours of fun in a form that is similar to the tablets that they own.


Now when purchasing the InnoTab 2 there are many great accessories like covers and chargers that are really important to purchase with them. However, many parents forget about the InnoTab games that they can buy.

Vtech InnoTab Games
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InnoTab Software

There are many great Vtech InnoTab games out there to choose from. You can find titles with the most popular children’s characters out there. So it is just a matter of picking out some of your child’s favorite characters to purchase.


Each InnoTab Software pack comes with a similar setup. You get 3 different interactive games that are based on the characters on the title. These games help children to learn different skills that will help them to learn and grow. Many times this is helping the skills that they are currently learning in school.


The package also has an ebook that will tell a story about the characters. This is a great way to help to grow a child’s love of reading. There is a pop up dictionary that works with the ebook to help children to learn new words as they go through the story.


Disney Princess InnoTab Game


The Disney princess collections of toys is always a hot seller with little girls every where. The desire to play princess and pretend that they live in a castle is one of the top reasons that this is so popular. This collection helps girls to learn about letters, shapes, and counting. The ebook tells the story of Belle’s special gift from the beast and a story about Cinderella.


Team Umizoomi Vtech InnoTab Software


The Team Umizoomi show is starting to really grow in its fan base. This show on its own helps children to learn about the world of math and problem solving to get something done. This game works on math, counting, sequencing, and other great problem solving skills.


Madagascar 3 Game for Vtech InnoTab


Madagascar 3 is a great movie that children of all ages have enjoyed watching. Bringing it to life on a children’s tablet is a great way to grow upon the enjoyment of the story line. The ebook in this set has a story line that is based around the Madagascar 3 movie. It also includes the voices that were in the movie for the actual characters. This is a huge bonus.


There are many more titles and characters that are available from this line of toys then the ones featured here. You can check out these and all of the other great Vtech InnoTab games on Amazon now for unbelievable deals. By adding to the library of options that your child has when playing with this tablet, you will ensure that this will be a toy that is used for a long time.


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