Sophie the Giraffe is a teether made by Vulli. This is a rather expensive teether but is very popular as a way to soothe a teething infant. As any parent who has experienced hours of pain induced screaming can attest to $20+ is a small price to pay to give an infant pain relief and the parent ear relief. Sophie is made of non-toxic rubber and paint and is totally harmless to a child.

Sophie the Giraffe makes a great companion for any baby. It won't get sticky or messy like a stuffed animal, doesn't take batteries, and is tough enough to be dropped or thrown. When the infant is no longer a baby Sophie will be a favorite toy to carry around in the home or car.

This is an adorable toy for a baby. It is small and soft but hard enough to handle some gnawing. Sophie is easy for small hands to grab and hold on to. The soft plastic body won't hurt a child if he smacks himself on the head (as babies do). The dark spots on the light body catch a baby's attention while it squeaks with each squeeze or chew. Sophie has harder areas for chewing on the head, ears, and feet which are easy for a baby to direct to the sore gums.

Sophie the Giraffe has a rating of 4 1/2 stars on Amazon and with 808 reviews that is impressive. If you are not sure if Sophie is for you, just check out some of the reviews and see if that helps you to make up your mind. The fun reviews are the one that compare it to an expensive dog chew toy. It kind of makes sense that the two would be comparable.

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