What is anxiety? Simply put, it is when someone has fears about a particular thing or things which might be outside their control. The person may not only have fear, but also be very worried about the situation.

Just to understand the topic a bit more clearly, I have outlined some examples of how a person might demonstrate anxiety:-

Worrying about safety of one's children
There is nothing wrong in being concerned about the safety of your child - what parent wouldn't, but when that worry is excessive in nature and turns into fear and the person then takes drastic irrational actions to protect the children, then this has turned into anxiety.

Anxiety could be displayed by a person who is overly concerned about their appearance and demonstrates this by the amount of time spent in front of the mirror and even after looking at themselves in front of the mirror is not quite convinced they are looking good or everything is in it's proper place.

As mentioned previously, it is quite normal to be concerned about certain things that happen to us or we think might happen to us, but when one spends too much time dwelling on the matter(s), then that is when there is a problem.

Sometimes behavioural problems lead to excessive anxiety. Agoraphobia and depression are examples of behavioural problems which degenerates as a result of irrational fear. Take agoraphobia for example, where a person has a fear of going outside. This may have first of all started with a thought which then degenerated into irrational worry and anxiety.

It is important to stress here that not all anxieties lead to behavioural problems. And sometimes, a simple act of seeking professional help may be just what a person needs in order to overcome the anxiety problem.

Unfortunately, sometimes anxiety could lead to someone developing health problems such as:-

This is when the level of glucose in a person's blood stream is higher than normal

This is when a person experiences unexplainable weight loss and lack of sleep which inevitably leads to fatigue - this is as a result of the body's thyroid producing extra secretions.

This is when a person displays diabetic like symptoms as a result of a tumor found on the adrenal glands.

If one is able to identify at an early stage, that they might be suffering from anxiety then probably natural solutions such as exercise, having a balanced diet or just talking to someone trustworthy may help in gradually removing the anxiety.

All in all, there is no harm in seeking professional help regardless at what stage the anxiety has developed if needed.