If you are expecting to visit Orlando, Florida, there is a pretty long list of things that you can do while there. Orlando is in Central Florida close to the East Coast but placed in the middle of some of the most beautiful parts of Florida.  The warm temperatures along with all the things to do make Orlando one of the “must see” cities in the United States.  People come from all over the globe to see the activities and attractions Orlando has to offer.  Below are some of the many activities you can get involved in on your stay or visit in Orlando.


Visit Walt Disney World


Walt Disney WorldCredit: disneyworld.disney.go.com

This resort destination is responsible for putting Orlando, Florida on the map. You will come across four theme parks, 81 holes of golf, two water parks, two spas, to mention but a few. While at Disney World, you can camp, ride horses, scuba dive, water ski, fish and dance all through the night. If all that has just been mentioned doesn't interest you; you might opt to taking a spin on a Sea Raycer across the lake or taking a ride on a Segway. The kids can be sent on a live pirate hunt, at the end of which they will find treasure which was buried. There are hundreds of ways in which you can be entertained while at Walt Disney World. The number one reason why this resort has turned into the world's most visited park is due to the fact that it offers entertainment for all age ranges. It is considered as an ideal spot for family vacation by so many people. Due to its large size, it is somehow hard to know where to begin from and thus it requires some bit of planning.


Though I have only been there once as a teenager, it is an experience I have never forgotten and there are plans to take my children there to create the same great memories.  Walt Disney World can be fun for everyone.  There is no way to see everything in just one day.  I believe there is probably no way to see all of it in just one week.  Young children may be too tired and overwhelmed.  For this reason we have opted to wait until our children are a little older first, but it would have been nice to see their faces light up as a small child when they first seen Mickey.


Visit Universal Orlando Resort


Universal StudiosCredit: www.jobsbump.com

This is another fine spot which is worth a checkout while in Orlando. It is a complex of attractions, rides and theme areas which are divided into 2 parks, Universal's Islands of Adventures and Universal Studios Florida. The original water park of the area called "Wet 'n' Wild"; is also owned and operated by Universal. The themes of the shows and rides at Universal are based on the popular television shows and movies like Men in Black, Revenge of the Mummy, The Simpsons and Shrek 4-D. The roller coaster, Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit is 167ft high and moves at 65m.p.h. Universal Orlando Resort has got the world's only inverted dueling coaster, "The Dragon coaster". There is an area of restaurants and shops which include Emeril's, Jimmy Buffet's Margaritaville, Hard Rock Cafe; NASCAR Sports Grille and NBA City.

Originally this theme park was catering to movie buffs, but the great rides and attractions made it enjoyable for all ages and interests.  This theme park is also too much to cover in one day, so you may want to schedule extra time to see more. 


Visit St. Augustine

Castillo de San MarcosCredit: www.augustine.com


For those who plan to stay in Orlando for a week or more, a day trip to St. Augustine can be a good alternative. You can experience a mixture of the beach town and Spanish colonial history offered by St. Augustine.


The Spanish founded this city back in 1565 as a competition against Florida's French settlements, which were vastly expanding, and to give protection to the Spanish treasure fleets on their way back to Spain through Havana, Cuba. The Castillo de San Marcos is a 20 acres massive stone fort which was built after Sir Francis Drake burned the city in 1586. Another fort was burned in 1668 Castillo remains in perfect condition and is America's oldest fort. The city gives you a glimpse of how the early settlers experienced life at the time.


For the history buff this city is a must.  If you are interested in how the United States became great with help of our European cousins, this city will start that journey.


Visit Orlando Museum of Art (OMA)

Orlando Museum of ArtCredit: www.orlandolimoride.com


Orlando has got a couple of art collections worth to take up your afternoon, Orlando Museum of Art inclusive. The museum is found in Lochaven Park together with Orlando Science Center and Shakespeare Theater. Among the collections that OMA has to offer, there is African Art, pre-Columbian Meso-American's extensive collection of works plus other several challenging modern-day pieces. It is closed on Mondays and main holidays and children of age 3 and below get free entrance.


If Art is your interest, then The OMA is a place to lose yourself in the beautiful paintings and other art designs. 


Visit SeaWorld

ShamuCredit: blog.reidreport.com


This consists of three separate attractions, which are the Aquatica, Discovery Cove and Sea World. Being more than an aquarium, Sea world presents you with a possibility to see and touch what is in the oceans. You also get to learn about things you didn't know about the planet and a ride in the two first-rate roller coasters. Some of the best things which you can do as a family are offered by Sea World. These involve having fun, learning and getting streaked together. Sea World rotates around scheduled rides and shows. The Shamu "Believe" show is the most popular and features performances for audiences from killer whales in an outside theater. Human acrobats are blended with dolphin performers by Blue Horizons. The place has also got the country's fastest and tallest "flying" coaster, in which the riders get suspended face down in harnesses towards the ground. You can also get an opportunity to swim with dolphins in heated pools at discovery cove.


So, in closing if you ever find yourself in Orlando, Florida, there are many things to do.  However, there is too much to do in one day or even a week. I would venture to say it would take at least a month to see the things that I have listed in this article. 


My wife and I have been thinking about making a change in our lives.  She lived around this area in Central Florida and we have been talking about moving.  Orlando is a great place to live and is our top 10 list of places we are looking to move to.  You might want to consider this as well.