Have you ever asked yourself that question? Do you really sound any different than your competitors? Imagine that you are fired from your job and get hired by the competition. You will call on the same people, and tell them the same things, even though you are have a different business card and are representing a different company. What can you do to differentiate yourself from your competition?

Perhaps you can try to describe your services in a way that will tell people about the problems your company solves.

Are your prospective clients:

  1. Worried about declining profits from poorly manufactured products
  2. Concerned that they are not getting enough market share from existing marketing campaigns
  3. Dissatisfied with shipping delays from current suppliers
  4. Struggling to overcome poor employee morale which negatively impacts productivity
  5. Suffering from an increase in product rejects due to the decline in the quality of materials their current vendors are supplying them with
  6. Facing increasing turnover, even though they have increased their base pay to attract new workers
  7. Frustrated by deadlines being missed
  8. Resistant to change, yet what they are doing isn't working as effectively as it did in the past.

If you focus on the problems your company resolves, instead of trying to convince your prospect that your solution is better than your competitors perhaps your prospects' 'ears will open up wider' so they can hear, how your solution will better for them, because you understand the problems they are facing. Then they can become your client and tell you to get started NOW.