Wikimedia, founder of internet encyclopedia (Wikipedia) has launched their new website Wikivoyage on 15th of January, 2013 which will give traveling content. The site has edited content. This website is their twelfth official project. Before this the website was in beta since November. There are about 50,000 articles on this website presently which are about in nine languages. The information on the website includes geography, places of history, shopping, accommodation, climate, culture, about people, restaurant tips, etc. It will also give information of hotels as budget hotels, mid-range hotels and high-end hotels; places for eating out which ranges from dining restaurants to roadside food. There is also a 'contact' section in which we will get information about hospitals, postal, courier services, emergency phone numbers, local laws and general safety. Each page is also available in printable and PDF version for offline help.



 Travellers write the articles in their language and for the travellers. It has complete articles written by the users and allows anyone to edit the content present on the website. This website will be a powerful weapon to compete with the traditional guidebook publishers and a handy and useful tool for the travellers. The number of Languages in which website is available are nine which are as follows, English, German, Dutch, French, Russian, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian and Swedish.


According to Sue Gardner, the Executive Director of the Wikimedia foundation, the need for launching this website is because of heavy demand for travel information, but there were very few sources which give this information completely. The project behind this website was actually started in 2006 when Wikitravel which was original site for travel  sold to Internet Brands. But many users and editors leave this site because the new owners began to use this site for advertising. After the ruin of this site, many editors decided to merge Wikitravels with Wikivoyage which was a part of Wikitravels a few years ago. Nearly all contents from Wikitravel has moved to Wikivoyage by the editors. The editors are a group of 200 volunteers.

According to Stefan Fussan, chairman of the board of Wikivoyage association the main purpose of the Wikivoyage is to promote knowledge of all the countries and regions of the world, and to promote understanding among nation. He also said that the contents about traveling on the web is old and out-dated and very badly written so there is definitely a place for the Wikivoyage on the web. Some information is present on the website that is not available on the commercial travel guides.

So we are all invited to join this website to give an article. Go for it.