If you are looking for a way to warm up a room or patio space with the richness of warm oak but want furniture with plenty of character, a wine barrel coffee table may be just the thing. Whether you are a wine enthusiast yourself or just looking for a unique addition to the room, finding a wine barrel coffee table for sale that has been made from recycled wine barrels will add warmth and attitude to the space.

'Durable' Wine Barrel Coffee Furniture

One of the best things about these tables is that they will stand the test of time. Since barrels used in winemaking are made from solid oak, they are very sturdy and durable. In fact, wine barrels are built to last for many years, so they can easily be used to make heirloom furniture for your home that can be passed down from generation to generation.

Wine Barrel Coffee TableCredit: Amazon.com & Master Garden ProductsWhen barrels are made, the oak that is used is first soaked in water and kiln dried, resulting in a very long-lasting material that is even suitable for outdoor use. This is why half wine barrels are so commonly used to make attractive coffee tables, outdoor planters as well as other furniture like chandeliers and other types of tables like end tables. A coffee table made of this material will have a craftsman style that will age as well as a bottle of fine wine.

Beautiful and Environmentally Friendly

Furniture made from reclaimed wood is good for the environment, and since this is solid oak, it’s no sacrifice to proudly display furniture with the natural elegance and warm wood grain that it offers.

Oak wine and whisky barrels are rustic and classy at the same time, and the fact that they give wood a second life is an added bonus. Since each barrel has a different past history, no two tables will be exactly alike -- everyone is unique, which is what makes it a special kind of 'upcycling'.

Wine Barrel Table Styles

There are many styles which can be built from the rich burgundy-stained oak for instance, but there are three popular designs for coffee tables that are most prevalent.

One very popular design is a rectangular table made from a barrel cut in half the long way with a tabletop placed over the open space. The top may be made from oak or with a glass top. This shape makes a classic table for placing in front of a sofa. This larger table design is perfect for multitasking as a place for decorations, magazines, refreshments, or even to put your feet up.

Another classic design is a circular table made from a barrel cut in half the short way with a wooden or glass circular top. This design is excellent for small spaces or between two comfortable chairs, and can look anything from rustic with a weathered wooden top to refined with a clean glass top.

Wine Barrel Stave Coffee TableCredit: amazon.com/2 day designsFurniture makers that want all of the benefits of reclaimed oak without the look of a barrel shape craft a third type of table. These are made from the wood of the barrels but the wood is cut and shaped to create a completely unique shape from the rounded wood that was once fermenting wine. This is appealing for anyone who wants a table shape that is entirely different, but still desires the reusable oak material available once the wine is gone.

Honorable Mention: I know we are specifying barrels that held wine, but you have got to consider some whiskey barrel coffee tables too. Some add even more character, due to them being a more aged and tougher wood. For instance Jack Daniels whiskey barrels are classic in every way possible and make gorgeous coffee tables.

Why Use Barrel Furniture?

When you add a table made from reclaimed wine-barrel wood to your favorite room, it adds ambiance and seems to tell a story. After soaking up a batch of wine, the vintage stained oak can add charm and warmth to a relaxing space.

While the color tone of these tables will vary, giving each it’s own character, one thing will be true for all of them. Each barrel coffee table will be tasteful and unique, and will look right at home with a glass of your favorite wine resting upon it.

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You might even want to have a go at making one yourself it will be great fun if you have a bit of DIY know how and you custom make it to exactly how you want (not to mention you will save yourself a fair bit of cash). There are loads of great 'how to build your own barrel coffee table' online as well, all completely free. The only real thing you need to get hold of is a decent wine barrel for sale and then go ahead and get it. Remember no two wine barrels all the same, they vary in size, colored wood finish etc.

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