Wire an amplifier in your car

                Wiring an amp for a car stereo can seem pretty intimidating to most people if they have never done it. If you have some basic tools and a bit of patience you can install an amp. In order to power subs you need an amp, in order to make your speakers louder you need an amp, basically anything you want to do for a custom car stereo you need an amp.

                Tools and parts

  • Scosche or Monster  amp wiring kit
  • Amplifier
  • Spade crimp connections
  • Ring crimp connections
  • Soldering gun and solder
  • Black electrical tape
  • Screwdrivers both flat and Phillips
  • Utility knife
  • Hex head wrenches
  • Wire strippers
  • Pliers
  • Drill
  • Drill bit to match the gauge of the wire you are using for your amp
  • Wrenches or a socket set

The first thing to do with any automotive stereo install is disconnect the negative battery cable terminal from the battery post to prevent shorting out your system. Select a suitable location for your amp such as under a seat or in your trunk.

Next drill a hole the size of your amp’s power wire through the firewall of your car being careful not to drill into any components, wires, or moving parts. Neatly run the power wire from the car battery to the amp. Crimp the wire connectors or solder them in place on each end and electrical tape or shrink wrap the connections.

Now run a ground wire from the amp to a piece of unpainted metal on the floor or chassis within two feet of the amp. It may be necessary to sand or scrape the paint off of an area to attach the ground wire. Crimp or solder the connections in place, tape or shrink wrap them and screw one end to your grounding point. Finish the ground wire install by connecting it to your amp.

Remove your door sill trim and any other trim that will prevent lifting the edge of the carpet on both sides of the vehicle. Route the power wire and the remote amp turn on wire under the carpet on the driver’s side of the vehicle. The remote amp turn on wire should be sent to the back of your car stereo and spliced into the wiring harness for the stereo. On the passenger side of the car and route the AV cables under the carpet from the amp to the back of the stereo. Connect the AV cables to the stereo and the amp.

                Connect the subwoofers if you have any to the amp with speaker wire and be sure you connect the correct wires to the correct terminals.  Be sure all of your wires are connected at this point to the amp and subwoofers.

                Mount the amp to the floor or the back of the seat with screws. Connect the power wire to the positive battery terminal and put a fuse in the inline fuse holder. Finally connect the negative wire to the car battery. This should complete your amp installation. Be sure to check for loose wires and switch the amp on if it has a power switch. Start your car and turn your stereo up, it should be much louder, if not go back and check for loose wires, inline fuse, a good grounding point, and also look at all of your connections to be sure they are all connected correctly.

                Your new amp should be properly wired now and you didn’t have to pay anyone to do it. Your car audio system will be much louder now and it is highly recommended that you get a capacitor if you wired a high wattage amp.